I were thinking how could be Network Manager's integration with dnsmasq

Today it is running separate service in NetworkManager.service. I
thought about possible solution and think have found solution.

Dnsmasq can include all files with matching pattern from a directory. On
Fedora, it uses /etc/dnsmasq.d for normal service and
/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d for dnsmasq running from dns=dnsmasq mode
in NM.

What if default dnsmasq.service just included also
/run/dnsmasq.d/*.conf? That would allow starting real dnsmasq.service
from NM. But it could add additional  configuration snippet into
/run/dnsmasq.d/NetworkManager.conf, for example enable-dbus. It would
then be able to also enable dnssec validation just for some connections.
When NM would need to stop dnsmasq, it would make this file empty.

What do you think about this integration? Would it be better than
bundling dnsmasq into NetworkManager.service?


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