In our application, we need to maintain connection to an AP and it needs to 
stay low latency for a variety of reasons.  Whenever networks are scanned, for 
us they create an unacceptable level of latency (>50ms in many cases) on the 

Sometimes we stop NetworkManager from running with `pkill -STOP NetworkManager` 
and `pkill -CONT NetworkManager` but, for a variety of reasons this is 

I've seen references to people online saying you can prevent scanning once 
connected by specifying a BSSID, but I don't see how that can be done with 

Currently we use the following, where path can be gotten from either a scan or 

nm_client_activate_connection_async ( m_pClient, conn, (NMDevice*)m_pDevice, 
sAccessPointPath.c_str(), nullptr, []( GObject* pObj, GAsyncResult* res, 
gpointer pContext ) {...} );

What mechanism can we use to specify that a given path should lock it's BSSID 
when using NetworkManager via libnm?

Second question:  Are there any mechanisms we can use to lock out other apps 
from requesting scans from NetworkManager?  This solution would be preferred 
for our application because scans have such a significant impact on the system. 
 Or is there a way to just outright disable all scanning via NetworkManger for 
a period of time?

Charles Lohr
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