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> Hi Andrea,
> I already have an account at discourse.gnome.org and I'm happy to
> receive emails from either Discourse or Mailman. Now I have two
> questions. Maybe you could point me to the right answer:
> 1. How do I subscribe "networkmanager"? Is it by "Watched" or by
>    "Tracked" tags under notifications?
You actually go to https://discourse.gnome.org/tag/networkmanager, right
top corner where the ring bell is, then click on the notification
preference you want there :)

> 2. How do I open a new topic from my MUA? Esp. what is the correct
>    syntax to set e.g. tag "networkmanager"?

The approach with Discourse is different: you can only create topics
against a particular category using your MUA, what happens after your post
is created is Discourse applies the tag automatically based on a specific
keyword that is present on either the subject or the body of your email. We
encourage any interested party to let us know what mapping they need so we
can land the automated tagging rule in place.



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