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I think that "we" (the NetworkManager community) will try to get a
mailman mailing list on freedesktop.org. There is already
modemmanager-de...@lists.freedesktop.org, so this seems a good fit. Our
git is also on gitlab.freedesktop.org.

It's also unclear whether we should try to automatically subscribe the
current list subscribers to the new place. I think we should do that.


A big "Thank You" to the GNOME community for having our list there for
so long, 18 years. The service is (was) very appreciated.

Yes - just FYI - I am on another Gnome hosted list "Evolution" that is
trying to figure it out as well.  Like I said on that list, I may not
contribute much, but I am an avid reader and help when I can..  I
forced to a forum, I will be gone :)

Please re-host!

I second that!

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