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 Fidonet Backbone
 AVDOS          : AV: Anti-Virus software for DOS
 Filename   : FP-311B.ZIP              Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,489,226
 Replaces   : FP-311A.ZIP
 Description: F-Prot v3.11b Anti-Virus Scanner & Cleaner
               from (Frisk) significantly
               improves the detection of "intended viruses"
               and corrupted samples which pose no credible
               threat (detect these "junk" files with the
               /COLLECT switch). Most significant minor
               change is scanning of MIME-encoded files
               (base64 and quoted-printable encoding).
               Released December 20th, 2001. Detects over
               60,300 Viruses and Trojans.

   1,489,226 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRCR       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F20B2205.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    759,973
 Replaces   : F20B2205.*
 Description: FS2002 British Airways Airbus A321 
              G-TTIB Features full moving parts, including
              thrust reverse, fans, flaps, control surfaces and high
              quality texturing. The aircraft is recognised by ATC and
              will open a new 'airbus' menu in the aircraft menu.
              Original model by Robert Versluys, accurate B

 Filename   : F72BR732.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,085,040
 Replaces   : F72BR732.*
 Description: B737-200 Ryanair for FS2000 and FS2002.
              Recently built from scratch in FSDS.
              Features full 3D moving surfaces, Flight and Ground
              Spoilers, Rolling Wheels, Steerable nose gear with landing
              light, 'Photo Real' High Resolution day and night textures
              (not scanned photos), Landing Light beams, Un-S
              By Terry Gaff December 2001

 Filename   : F79JS742.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  3,681,728
 Replaces   : F79JS742.*
 Description: FS2000 JAL Boeing 747-246B, registration
              JA8150 (Yellow Super Resort Express)
              Features PHOTOREAL textures, round
              fuselage and engine section, complete moving
              parts,tilting bogies, working thrust
              see through cockpit, landing gear bays,
              complete landing lights. Model by Federico
              Veronesi. Repaint by Diego Dondossola

 Filename   : F81PC320.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    346,448
 Replaces   : F81PC320.*
 Description: FS2002 Aircraft: 
              United Airlines Airbus A320-232
              United Airlines Airbus A320-232
              registration N414UA. The aircraft
              features 32-sided fuselage with
              photo-realistic textures.  Full moving
              parts and night lighting effects.
              By Apichart Owcharoenporn

 Filename   : F96LR772.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,284,117
 Replaces   : F96LR772.*
 Description: PROJECT OPENSKY BOEING 777-222ER
              UNITED AIRLINES 777-222ER
              40 sided fuselage,full moving parts,flexible
              wings,3D cockpit,thrust
              airfoil shape(wings)steerable front
              and RR choice of engines. High definition
              Model Designers: MITSUSHI YUTAKA and HIROSHI
              FS2K FDE: WARREN C.DANIEL
              Basic textures: C.VINCENT CHO
              Painted by: Jaco du Preez

 Filename   : FA1K2233.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,758,552
 Replaces   : FA1K2233.*
 Description: FS2002, Lockheed T33 A "Shooting Star"
              This model is a reproduction of the famous
              american aircraft trainer. Here is an example textured to
              represent an aircraft of Royal Dutch Air Force.
              The M-40,serial 55-4962, was delivered to
              the Dutch Air Force on 4 march 1957 and crashed on 20
              february 1967, at that time serving with TVO (Transit
              Flight Training) at Woensdrecht AFB in the Netherlands.
              The 3D model made with FSDS, features full
              moving parts, airbrake , recessed wheel wells, nose wheel
              steering and pilots in a virtual cockpit. File contains
              also a dedicated panel.
              Visual Model by Massimo Taccoli.
              Textures by Gerardo Taccoli
              Original Air file and panel by Bruce Thorson.
              Original bitmap panel by Phil Perrot.
              Copyright © December 2001

 Filename   : FBFCZ333.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    293,312
 Replaces   : FBFCZ333.*
 Description: FS2000 Air Canada 3000 A330-343 (ProMaxL3).
              Fin 938 Reg. C-GHLM.
              This was the 400th A330/340 aircraft
              delivered by Airbus.
              Includes new 24-bit hi-res textures,
              accurate door and window
              layout, fully animated landing gear, moving
              fan blades,
              flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons, rudder,
              all new night
              lighting with reflection on wings and
              cockpit lights.
              Design and original paint by: Camil
              Repainted with permission by Kyle Duncan.

 Filename   : FC0DL732.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  2,077,357
 Replaces   : FC0DL732.*
 Description: FS2000/FS2002 Delta Airlines Boeing 737-200 in the old
              livery. Features full 3D moving surfaces, flight and ground
              spoilers, rolling wheels, steerable nose gear with landing
              light, 'photo real' high resolution day and night textures
              (not scanned photos, a

 Filename   : FD2VTDZP.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    999,047
 Replaces   : FD2VTDZP.*
 Description: FS2002 Aviat Husky A1-B If the bush is calling think of the
              Husky as your cell phone. It ll get you there. Way out
              there. Designed to carry two people in comfort along with
              an extraordinary load the versatile long range Husky can be
              flown in and out

 Filename   : FE0BZ320.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    172,716
 Replaces   : FE0BZ320.*
 Description: FS98/2000 Air Canada A320 "Raptors"
              FS98/2000 Air Canada A320 "Raptors"
              with CFM-56 engines.For use with visual
              model v3.0 or 3.0.2k by Damian Skutnik.
              Very accurate textures by Bernardo Tadeu.

 Filename   : FF8K2233.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,431,244
 Replaces   : FF8K2233.*
 Description: FS2002, Lockheed T33 A "Shooting Star"
              Here is a t33 example textured to represent
              an aircraft of Royal Dutch Air Force "Whisky Four"
              acrobatic team.
              The 3D model made with FSDS, features full
              moving parts, airbrake , recessed wheel wells, nose wheel
              steering and pilots in a virtual cockpit. File contains
              also a dedicated panel.
              Visual Model by Massimo Taccoli.
              Textures by Gerardo Taccoli
              Original Air file and panel by Bruce Thorson.
              Original bitmap panel by Phil Perrot.
              Copyright © December 2001

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRPO       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : FC1D2002.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,219,567
 Replaces   : FC1D2002.*
 Description: FS2002 Dieselis PL2 and its panel a prototype aircraft with
              a diesel engine that is based at the Brest-Guipavas airport
              France . Amateur-built two seater plane that was specially
              designed to use this type of engine and to challenge the
              popular notion

   1,219,567 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_PIC         : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : FSP_02ZJ.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,288
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZJ.*
 Description: FS PIC: MIG-ATP

 Filename   : FSP_02ZK.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,399
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZK.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK767LOT

 Filename   : FSP_02ZL.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,135
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZL.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK767LOTP

 Filename   : FSP_02ZM.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      3,958
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZM.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747AF

 Filename   : FSP_02ZN.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,466
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZN.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747BA

 Filename   : FSP_02ZO.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,591
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZO.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747BAP

 Filename   : FSP_02ZP.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,386
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZP.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747LH

 Filename   : FSP_02ZQ.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,344
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZQ.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747LHP

 Filename   : FSP_02ZR.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,871
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZR.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747UA

 Filename   : FSP_02ZS.JPG             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,219
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZS.*
 Description: FS PIC: MK_747UAP

 Filename   : FSP_02ZT.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,810
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZT.*
 Description: FS PIC: MLB7373

 Filename   : FSP_02ZU.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,725
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZU.*
 Description: FS PIC: MLB7773

 Filename   : FSP_02ZV.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,240
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZV.*
 Description: FS PIC: MOZ_F100

 Filename   : FSP_02ZW.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      3,557
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZW.*
 Description: FS PIC: MOZ_F1002

 Filename   : FSP_02ZX.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      8,868
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZX.*
 Description: FS PIC: MOZ_F100P

 Filename   : FSP_02ZY.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      8,405
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZY.*
 Description: FS PIC: MZ757PNL

 Filename   : FSP_02ZZ.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,983
 Replaces   : FSP_02ZZ.*
 Description: FS PIC: MZ757PNL2

 Filename   : FSP_0300.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,721
 Replaces   : FSP_0300.*
 Description: FS PIC: MZ757PNLP

 Filename   : FSP_0301.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,495
 Replaces   : FSP_0301.*
 Description: FS PIC: NEWSTAND

 Filename   : FSP_0302.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,883
 Replaces   : FSP_0302.*
 Description: FS PIC: NEWSTANDP

 Filename   : FSP_0303.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,411
 Replaces   : FSP_0303.*
 Description: FS PIC: NTAIR3TA

 Filename   : FSP_0304.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,454
 Replaces   : FSP_0304.*
 Description: FS PIC: NTAIR3TAP

 Filename   : FSP_0305.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,010
 Replaces   : FSP_0305.*
 Description: FS PIC: NWMD83

 Filename   : FSP_0306.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,056
 Replaces   : FSP_0306.*
 Description: FS PIC: OPENSKYB747-121AEROPOSTA

 Filename   : FSP_0307.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      3,827
 Replaces   : FSP_0307.*

 Filename   : FSP_0308.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,573
 Replaces   : FSP_0308.*
 Description: FS PIC: OSATS742

 Filename   : FSP_0309.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      3,603
 Replaces   : FSP_0309.*
 Description: FS PIC: OSATS742P

 Filename   : FSP_030A.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,442
 Replaces   : FSP_030A.*
 Description: FS PIC: OSJAL741

 Filename   : FSP_030B.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,873
 Replaces   : FSP_030B.*
 Description: FS PIC: OSJAL741P

 Filename   : FSP_030C.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,154
 Replaces   : FSP_030C.*
 Description: FS PIC: OS_BCAL

 Filename   : FSP_030D.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,892
 Replaces   : FSP_030D.*
 Description: FS PIC: OS_BCALP

 Filename   : FSP_030E.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,686
 Replaces   : FSP_030E.*
 Description: FS PIC: OS_SANTA

 Filename   : FSP_030F.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,719
 Replaces   : FSP_030F.*
 Description: FS PIC: OS_SANTAP

 Filename   : FSP_030G.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,979
 Replaces   : FSP_030G.*
 Description: FS PIC: P3PAN2K2

 Filename   : FSP_030H.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,087
 Replaces   : FSP_030H.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7471M

 Filename   : FSP_030I.JPG             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      3,328
 Replaces   : FSP_030I.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7471M2

 Filename   : FSP_030J.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,704
 Replaces   : FSP_030J.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7471MP

 Filename   : FSP_030K.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,033
 Replaces   : FSP_030K.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7471V

 Filename   : FSP_030L.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,331
 Replaces   : FSP_030L.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7471VP

 Filename   : FSP_030M.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,964
 Replaces   : FSP_030M.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7472C

 Filename   : FSP_030N.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,421
 Replaces   : FSP_030N.*
 Description: FS PIC: PA7472CP

 Filename   : FSP_030O.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      7,300
 Replaces   : FSP_030O.*
 Description: FS PIC: PIPPNL

 Filename   : FSP_030P.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,025
 Replaces   : FSP_030P.*
 Description: FS PIC: POSKYC17

 Filename   : FSP_030Q.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      5,312
 Replaces   : FSP_030Q.*
 Description: FS PIC: POSKYC172

 Filename   : FSP_030R.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,635
 Replaces   : FSP_030R.*
 Description: FS PIC: POSKYC17P

 Filename   : FSP_030S.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,412
 Replaces   : FSP_030S.*
 Description: FS PIC: QF734V3

 Filename   : FSP_030T.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      6,278
 Replaces   : FSP_030T.*
 Description: FS PIC: QF747_4

 Filename   : FSP_030U.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,088
 Replaces   : FSP_030U.*
 Description: FS PIC: QF747_4P

 Filename   : FSP_030V.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      2,712
 Replaces   : FSP_030V.*
 Description: FS PIC: RDRP2K2

 Filename   : FSP_030W.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      4,754
 Replaces   : FSP_030W.*
 Description: FS PIC: RDRP2K2P

 Filename   : PB0_016B.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    407,310
 Replaces   : PB0_016B.*
 Description: (1205x800x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52 LANDING

 Filename   : PB0_016C.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:     38,950
 Replaces   : PB0_016C.*
 Description: (609x552x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52CRSH1

 Filename   : PB0_016D.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:     48,763
 Replaces   : PB0_016D.*
 Description: (693x546x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52CRSH2

 Filename   : PB0_016G.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    107,264
 Replaces   : PB0_016G.*
 Description: (1520x711x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52STAXIING

 Filename   : PB0_016H.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    103,843
 Replaces   : PB0_016H.*
 Description: (1220x800x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52 0011

 Filename   : PB0_016I.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:     46,430
 Replaces   : PB0_016I.*
 Description: (620x343x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52 10

 Filename   : PB0_016J.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:     33,618
 Replaces   : PB0_016J.*
 Description: (539x278x256) TGM PIC: AVIATION - B52 2

   1,080,585 bytes in 57 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_SOUND       : FS: Sound
 Filename   : FB6K7400.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  2,081,011
 Replaces   : FB6K7400.*
 Description: FS2002 SOUNDS 747_400
              This sound pack replaces the default 737_400
              sounds with new sounds more suitable to
              the 747_400. All the sounds to operate the
              are include but NOT the startup nor shutdown
              By Clive Marriott.

   2,081,011 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_TOOL        : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F54WPGZ3.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  2,180,822
 Replaces   : F54WPGZ3.*
 Description: FS2002, FS2000, FS98, FS95, CFS, CFS2
              WipeGauges 2002.
              This utility remove gauges unused by FS
              games. Allow scan, select, delete and backup
              all unnecessary gauge files. Preserve
              default gauges with customizable gauges
              list. By Felipe Torrezini.

   2,180,822 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_ACTION       : GamesNet: Action, Jump'n Run
 Filename   : G7ABG116.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  3,690,929
 Replaces   : G7ABG116.*
 Description: BUGATRON 1.16 - ShareWare What was it
              about Space Invaders Additional
              Requirements: DirectX 3D card.

   3,690,929 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CARD         : GamesNet: Card type games
 Filename   : G0DBL405.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,149,954
 Replaces   : G0DBL405.*
 Description: DOUBLE-DECK PINOCHLE 4.0 B5 - FreeWare
              Play against the computer and practice up
              on your game. Go out and show the world
              that you know how to play pinochle with
              the easy-to-follow walk-through

 Filename   : G42CH350.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  3,976,714
 Replaces   : G42CH350.*
 Description: CHAMPIONSHIP SPADES PRO 3.50 - ShareWare
              I just threw a pie at my opponent This
              Spades game has all the perks. You can
              have jokers or no jokers and many other
              options. The graphics are top-notch and
              so is the sound. In order to download the
              3.x/OS2 version visit the home page.

 Filename   : G70CH350.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  4,008,245
 Replaces   : G70CH350.*
 Description: CHAMPIONSHIP HEARTS 3.50 - ShareWare
              DreamQuest Software has given us
              Championship Hearts a game without too
              many bells and whistles but whose
              cuteness and humor bring a smile to your
              face. people who signal let alone allow
              myself to be beaten by an AI that does.
              Sounds effects MIDI a jukebox auto-save
              undo hint auto-play and tutorials are
              also featured in the game. Charon
              Additional Requirements: Roger Wilco
              required for voice chat

 Filename   : G98WNG24.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    707,748
 Replaces   : G98WNG24.*
 Description: WINNING BRIDGE 2.4 - ShareWare A nicely
              done single-player bridge game for
              Windows. Supports the Acol and Standard
              bidding systems. Paced bidding and play
              gives the feeling of being in a real

 Filename   : GC8C4171.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,108,038
 Replaces   : GC8C4171.*
 Description: CANASTA FOR WINDOWS - ShareWare
              Canasta is a popular strategy card game
              for Windows 95/98 and NT. Play against
              the computer or another person over the
              Internet. Score points by melding cards
              and making canastas a column of seven
              cards e.g. seven Kings . There are 3
              skill levels resolutions up to 1280x1024
              load save highscores win ratio selectable
              cardbacks and configurable sound music.

 Filename   : GE7RL101.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,725,422
 Replaces   : GE7RL101.*
 Description: REAL DEAL 1.01 - ShareWare Here is a
              great collection of card games. Play away
              on a trial basis from MVP Software I am
              sure that you will realize the benefits
              of owning the full version. 10 card games
              including Pinochle Hearts Spades Cribbage
              Euchre Whist Thirty-One Crazy Eights Oh
              Hell and Auction Pitch 12 computer
              partners and opponents Three skill levels
              Multi-player network/modem support Over
              400MB of graphic and sound files
              Full-screen resolution in three different
              screen sizes Over 1 000 digitized phrases
              in 16-bit sound Wave-table music

   12,676,121 bytes in 6 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_DENK         : GamesNet: Mind games
 Filename   : G0BMN130.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  2,862,479
 Replaces   : G0BMN130.*
 Description: A-MINDPACK 1.30 - ShareWare A-MindPack is
              a shareware download that might be a

 Filename   : N21SMR16.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    408,529
 Replaces   : N21SMR16.*
 Description: SMART RACER 1.6 - Unknown Smart Racer is
              racing game that combines Tetris gameplay
              with Minesweeper logic. Enjoy
              high-quality graphics and several levels
              of difficulty.

   3,271,008 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_DIFF         : GamesNet: NodeDiff GamesNet
 Filename   : GAMEDIFF.Z62             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      1,199
 Replaces   : GAMEDIFF.*
 Description: GamesNet NodeDiff KW 52/2001

   1,199 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_FUN          : GamesNet: Fun-, wheel- & juxgames
 Filename   : NBFSTR10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  4,955,174
 Replaces   : NBFSTR10.*
 Description: STORYLINE 1.0 - ShareWare Storyline is a software tool for
              fiction writers. It does not teach writing. Instead it was
              designed specifically to help the writer create and manage
              characters and scenes. It maintains character and scene
              information in a

   4,955,174 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_MISC         : GamesNet: Miscelleanous games
 Filename   : 91BVD108.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,154,106
 Replaces   : 91BVD108.*
 Description: Video database for DVD VHS and
              LaserDiscs. ShareWare by Ken Phipps

   1,154,106 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_MISCAD       : GamesNet: Miscelleanous AddOn's
 Filename   : G6FG3214.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    565,427
 Replaces   : G6FG3214.*
 Description: GAMEWIZ32 1.41 - ShareWare GameWiz allows
              you to cheat almost any game. Breaking
              into any particular game is sort of
              tricky it took us a few tries. But once
              we got it we were able to add lives
              shields power and just about any value
              that is worth changing. For the hardcore
              gamer looking to squeeze a little extra
              out of your games you should look into
              this utility.

 Filename   : G9CQST14.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,359,296
 Replaces   : G9CQST14.*
 Description: QUEST CREATOR 1.4 - ShareWare It seems
              like these days more and more people are
              getting into playing video games. With
              the introduction of all-in-one systems
              like the PS2 and infamous XBox we will
              slowly see this market boom. With these
              new systems and technologies it is
              obvious that we need more talented

   1,924,723 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_PDA          : GamesNet: PDA PalmPilot related games
 Filename   : 3D8JGL14.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:     34,408
 Replaces   : 3D8JGL14.*
 Description: JOGGLE 1.4 - ShareWare Like so many games for the Palm reg
              platform this is relatively simple in nature but highly
              addictive. Your goal is to eliminate groups of three like
              pieces horizontally vertically or diagonally. Once you make
              a set it disappea

 Filename   : P55P2002.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:    470,047
 Replaces   : P55P2002.*
 Description: PIPELINE 2002 1.0 - ShareWare You must
              stop the pipes from flooding the world.
              To stop the attack you must close pipe
              tiles. Score as many points as you can.

   504,455 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_PUZZLE       : GamesNet: puzzle games
 Filename   : NEANC170.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  1,549,135
 Replaces   : NEANC170.*
 Description: INCREDIBLE PIPELINE 1.70 - ShareWare In
              this straightforward logic game the idea
              is to assemble solid pipelines. All the
              pipe pieces are in the correct place but
              they may have been turned by 90 180 or
              270 degrees. To turn a piece of pipe
              click the left mouse button. The pipe
              will be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees.

   1,549,135 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_TRAIN        : GamesNet: Trainer
 Filename   : T79_RTRN.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:     16,150
 Replaces   : T79_RTRN.*
 Description: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Trainer

 Filename   : TCE_GRS3.ZIP             Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      3,857
 Replaces   : TCE_GRS3.*
 Description: Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon Trainer

   20,007 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 PDNPYWNT       : PDN: Python Windows NT/W95 Sources/Libraries
 Filename   : PY22WIN.ZIP              Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:  7,075,216
 Description: Python 2.2 (Final)

   7,075,216 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 STN-Net Adminstration
 STN_LIST       : STN: New STN Nodelist
 Filename   : STNLIST.Z04              Filedate: 01/04/02  Filesize:      9,690
 Description: SysOp's TechNet Nodelist for Day 4.

   9,690 bytes in 1 file(s) received

   Total of 58,772,508 bytes in 93 file(s)

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