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 111:111/1 hatched the following files on Thursday 01-17-2002

 Fidonet Backbone
 BFDS           : BFDS: BATPOWER Conference Support
 Filename   : WBAT233.ZIP              Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     53,166
 Description: WBAT 2.33 - Dialog boxes for DOS batch -
              with buttons, input fields, checkboxes,
              radio buttons, menues, list boxes -
              free layout, INI file, comprehensive
              demo batch, mouse support in GUI box/full
              screen. Freeware (c) 2001, Horst Schaeffer

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRCR       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F65HMV33.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  3,609,258
 Replaces   : F65HMV33.*
 Description: Hangar Manager V3.3 for FS2002, 2000 & 98
              Hangar Manager is a complete solution for
              taking care of your aircraft, panels and
              sounds.  It automatically unzips and
              recognizes packages you download from the
              internet or import from those already
              installed in MSFS.  It allows you to
              categorize (customizable) your collection,
              to easily recognize and select packages by
              images, to keep the MSFS aircraft directory
              free of aircraft you don't currently want to
              fly, to keep the MSFS gauge directory clean,
              and to keep your collection compressed so
              that it takes up less hard drive or CD rom
              space.  By Mark Schilberg.

 Filename   : FA2MDS83.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  1,070,182
 Replaces   : FA2MDS83.*
 Description: FS2002 Aircraft--Default MD-83 repaints
              Includes two repaints of the default MD83
              in Finnair old and SAS new Colors.
              By Antti Salo 2001/2002

 Filename   : FA3MZCM3.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  2,579,444
 Replaces   : FA3MZCM3.*
              The SAAF (South African Air Force) used
              the Mirage IIIEZ from the early 1960's
              to the mid-1980's before all were
              upgraded to Cheetah E's. This aircraft
              is depicted as No. 813 of 3 Squadron.
              Aircraft has deployable drag chute,
              moving spoilers, elevons, rudder and
              landing gear which compresses. Mirage
              IIIC Panel included. Aircraft by Jason
              Ashworth. Panel by Renaud Dudon.

 Filename   : FE4K3522.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  2,094,851
 Replaces   : FE4K3522.*
 Description: 22nd ARS KC-135R
              This is aricraft 63-8004, the flagship of
              the 22nd Air Refueling Squadron (ARS) at Mountain Home AFB,
              Idaho. The 22nd ARS is the only air refueling/airlift
              squadron assigned to Air Combat Command, and is part of the
              366 Expeditionary Wing, the only wing

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_CFS         : FS: Combat
 Filename   : FA5F1902.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  1,096,741
 Replaces   : FA5F1902.*
 Description: FS2000 - CFS FW190a Finnish Air Force. This is a 
              repaint of the default CFS FW190a aircraft
              in Desert Camouflage textures based on an
              original picture.
              Aircraft markings belonged to the Finnish
              Air Force.
              This download contains two skins, without
              Swastika and
              with swastika as shown in the original
              picture included.
              This aircraft is from CFS and tested in
              Uses Fw 190a Panel. It will fly equally well
              in CFS
              and FS2000. All flight surfaces are moveable,
              transparent cockpit, retractable landing
              Repaint by Bob Bongiovanni.
              [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_GRAPH       : FS: Flight Simulation Graphic Files
 Filename   : FAFSKC22.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:    153,826
 Replaces   : FAFSKC22.*
 Description: FS2002 Ice Textures
              By using the bitmaps included in this
              archive, you will be able to create ICE affects in FS2002. 
              The effect is only visual, and does not affect the landing
              characteristics of the water.  Please refer to the readme
              about using the ice for landing on.  Th

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_SCENE       : FS: Scenery
 Filename   : F42FWNYC.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     28,274
 Replaces   : F42FWNYC.*
 Description: FS2002 scenery--Fireworks in NYC 2002
              Fireworks festival in New York City ver 1.0
              for FS2002, using FS2002 fireworks engine
               and be added several original fireworks.
              By Seigo Ito.

 Filename   : F70FSM16.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  2,479,797
 Replaces   : F70FSM16.*
 Description: FS2002 Scenery Manager V1.6
              (Works also with FS2000 & CFS2)
              New in this version: Zipped Backups,
              file list print option, Zip-Preview list,
              browser chosable for web functionalities,
              Set renaming, scenery picture selectable,
              automatic Flatten/Explude search in .txt,
              automatic scenery installation improved,
              call files directly out of the filelist.
              (Don't forget to download the manual!)
              By Michael Garbers 30.12.2001.

 Filename   : F73L2002.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  1,992,124
 Replaces   : F73L2002.*
 Description: FS2002 Scenery Toussus-le-Noble - LFPN (France) : Highly
              scenery with custom made realistic
              buildings, VFR realistic landmarks,
              day and night photorealistic textures,
              seasonal changes, static aircrafts and vehicles.
              By Serge Michaux

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_TOOL        : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F31H2950.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  1,756,350
 Replaces   : F31H2950.*
 Description: FS2002 Helio HT-295 The Helio Super Courier is a light
              utility transport developed from a civilian design first
              tested in 1949. Its short takeoff and landing STOL
              capability allows it to operate from a clearing the size of
              a football field and its ab

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_ACTION       : GamesNet: Action, Jump'n Run
 Filename   : G50CH103.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  2,705,681
 Replaces   : G50CH103.*
 Description: CHRISTMAS BOMBERIC 1.03 - ShareWare There
              aren t many games that sell without
              moving into the third dimension.
              Bomberman has stayed strong providing
              gamers with a simple strategy title with
              fun multi-player options.

 Filename   : G6CBM151.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  3,987,282
 Replaces   : G6CBM151.*
 Description: BOMBERIC 1.51 - ShareWare In an odd twist
              of fate I played Christmas Bomberic
              before I had a chance to check out the
              original. While I thought the classic
              gameplay was a refreshing trip down
              memory lane the lack of a multi-player
              mode kept it from being wonderful.

 Filename   : GF3MLN16.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  2,481,082
 Replaces   : GF3MLN16.*
 Description: MILLENNIUM DIGGER 1.6 - ShareWare Digger
              may be a classic game spawning impressive
              clones like Dig-Dug and its sequel but
              remaking a game that worked so well in
              the past proves to be quite difficult.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CARD         : GamesNet: Card type games
 Filename   : G49KNG13.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  1,736,142
 Replaces   : G49KNG13.*
              ShareWare King Sol is a collection of 422
              solitaire games and variations. It gives
              you real-time statistics in graph or
              chart form that you can view in 2- or
              3-dimensions. With accompanying rules
              card tracker high scores and game history
              your solitaire days should be rich
              plentiful and time consuming.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CONS         : GamesNet: GameConsole infos, tips & hints
 Filename   : C01FNL02.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:      5,143
 Replaces   : C01FNL02.*
 Description: FINAL FANTASY X - V0.2 PlayStation2 -
              Chocobo Racing Guide

 Filename   : C2DRSD11.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     21,262
 Replaces   : C2DRSD11.*
 Description: RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS - V1.1
              PlayStation - Monsters Guide

 Filename   : C8ECHR15.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     17,104
 Replaces   : C8ECHR15.*
 Description: CHORO Q 2 - V1.5 PlayStation -
              Races/Parts GAQ

 Filename   : C97GRN11.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:      7,718
 Replaces   : C97GRN11.*
 Description: GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC - V1.1 PlayStation2
              - Endurance Races Guide

 Filename   : CF2RSD12.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     21,680
 Replaces   : CF2RSD12.*
 Description: RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS - V1.2
              PlayStation - Mercenaries Guide

 Filename   : CF5KN104.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     11,235
 Replaces   : CF5KN104.*
 Description: KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 THE - V1.04 Arcade
              - Ramon

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_DENK         : GamesNet: Mind games
 Filename   : PDCNC201.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:    500,087
 Replaces   : PDCNC201.*
 Description: CONCENTRATION - THE MEMORY GAMES 2.01 - ShareWare This
              classic memory game has various card sets for kids and
              grown-ups. It supports a pluggable card set with sounds and
              backgrounds. It will keep your best score and has
              two-player and a duel mode.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_FUN          : GamesNet: Fun-, wheel- & juxgames
 Filename   : P06MGM11.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  1,432,872
 Replaces   : P06MGM11.*
 Description: MEGA MOTIVATOR GOLD 1.1 - ShareWare Type
              a custom message or affirmation into your
              computer and the Mega Motivator
              periodically displays the message on top
              of whatever program you re working in.
              Set the timer for how often you want your
              message to pop up on your computer screen
              throughout the day.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_LINUX        : GamesNet: LINUX/UNIX games
 Filename   : KC1FN101.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:    235,856
 Replaces   : KC1FN101.*
 Description: FINDITNIX 1.0-RC1 - FreeWare Linux clone
              of the Windows game FindItXP which object
              it is to spot the 5 differences between 2
              images. Really simple yet highly
              addictive game The highscore-list for the
              Windows and Linux game are
              interchangeable so you could have one
              centralized highscore list -- something
              that increases competition about 50 times
              - depending on the size of your company
              network . Orig.: finditnix-1.0-rc1.tar.gz

 Filename   : UD8K1318.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     10,092
 Replaces   : UD8K1318.*
 Description: Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns 1.3.1

   245,948 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_MISCAD       : GamesNet: Miscelleanous AddOn's
 Filename   : G21CX328.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  4,331,231
 Replaces   : G21CX328.*
              ShareWare This is an excellent utility
              for the Asheron s Call buff. The program
              runs independently of Asheron s Call
              itself. You can select any part of the
              map and find the shortest distance
              between any two points and pick up the
              coordinates as well.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_PDA          : GamesNet: PDA PalmPilot related games
 Filename   : P12LNS10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:    102,959
 Replaces   : P12LNS10.*
 Description: LINES 1.0 - FreeWare Lines is a simple game where you have
              to make lines of five or more balls of the same color.
              Every time you fail to make a line three more balls are
              added in the grid making the next move harder.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_UPDATE       : GamesNet: Updates
 Filename   : U8DQ1151.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  3,723,785
 Replaces   : U8DQ1151.*
 Description: Aquanox 1.15 to 1.17 english

 Filename   : UDFR1074.ZIP             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:  3,187,576
 Replaces   : UDFR1074.*
 Description: Arcanum: Of Steamworks Magick Obscura english

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 Fidonet Backbone
 NAVIGATOR      : R50: FTN capable DOS didk browser
 Filename   : 200-AMD.RAR              Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:      1,917
 Description: dn200-sysinfo_Duron_CPU_detection_and_optimisation

 Filename   : 200-EDL.RAR              Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:      1,525
 Description: dn200-Editor_and_locked_files_bugfix

 Filename   : 200-MTFI.RAR             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:      6,827
 Description: dn200-remove_Machine_Type_and_CPU_flag_info_from_sysinfo

 Filename   : 20020112.RAR             Filedate: 01/16/02  Filesize:     15,779
 Description: Cumulative update (2002.01.12)

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   Total of 41,458,848 bytes in 33 file(s)

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