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 Today, Monday 01-14-02, Le Maison De Metal (111:6950/1) received the
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    Area : UTILNET                            
 Comment : UtilNet: DOS End User Utilities
 MP3DAMP.ZIP  1,409,453 Damp v0.96/0.97 MP3 Players for DOS. Works
                         great in DOS box under Wins. Graphical GUI
                         options for Filelists and Visualizations
                         with Sync mode, plus external Hardware LCD
                         Display Driver support as well as Audio CD
                         (raw) mode. Utilities to Edit and Query/List
                         TAG data plus generate MP3 Playlists
                         (.M3U/.PLS Sonique) with Recursion. Includes
                         Production (v0.96) and Work-in-Progress
                         (v0.97 WIP) executables, both stable.
 1,409,453   bytes in 1   file(s)

 Total of 1,409,453 in 1 file(s)

 File requests are welcome 24 hours per day, except Fido ZMH.

 FREQ: FILES for a listing of all currently available files.
       ALLFIX for the latest release of the ALLFIX file processor.
       SF for the latest shareware version of the Spitfire BBS program.
       OCCULT for a current listing of Pagan/Occult files
       93NODE for the latest Aquarian Era Occult Net (AEON) Nodelist
       93APP for the most recent AEON Information/Application Pack
       93RUL for the most recent AEON Echo Rules File

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    for a copy.  Or,
 3. Send a File Request via your favorite Front End.  Or,
 4. Log on to Le Maison De Metal BBS at (360) 493-0798, and download
    ANY of the files that are currently available.

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