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    Area : FIDONEWS                           
 Comment : FidoNet News
 FNEWSJ04.ZIP    30,728 FIDONEWS    28 Jan 2002    Vol 19 No 04
                        The newsletter of the Fidonet Community.
                        * The Fidonews at a Glance
                        * USA vs. Canada, zero to nothing
                        * OL'WDB's Column
                        * A Day in Japan
                        * Catcalls from the Cheap Seats
                        * What is it for?
                        * Japanese Coleslaw
                        * BASTARD OPERATOR FROM HELL #2
                        * That American Language. :-)
                        * The Bacon Tree
                        * FidoTel
                        * Fidonet Software List
                        * Fidonet-related sites
                        * Nodelist Stats
                        * How to Submit an Article
                        * Credits, Legal Infomation, Availability
 30,728      bytes in 1   file(s)

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 File requests are welcome 24 hours per day, except Fido ZMH.

 FREQ: FILES for a listing of all currently available files.
       ALLFIX for the latest release of the ALLFIX file processor.
       SF for the latest shareware version of the Spitfire BBS program.
       OCCULT for a current listing of Pagan/Occult files
       93NODE for the latest Aquarian Era Occult Net (AEON) Nodelist
       93APP for the most recent AEON Information/Application Pack
       93RUL for the most recent AEON Echo Rules File

 All of the files listed in this announcement are requestable via 4
 different methods.  You can:
 1. Send an email via TransX (or compatible) to
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    "FREQ <filename>" as the first line of the message.  Or,
 2. Send a regular e-mail to me at [EMAIL PROTECTED], and ask me
    for a copy.  Or,
 3. Send a File Request via your favorite Front End.  Or,
 4. Log on to Le Maison De Metal BBS at (360) 493-0798, and download
    ANY of the files that are currently available.

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