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 111:111/1 hatched the following files on Monday 01-21-2002

 Fidonet Backbone
 AVDAT          : AV: Anti-Virus Signature Updates
 Filename   : DEF3FP.ZIP               Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,348,458
 Replaces   : DEF3FP.ZIP
 Description: Anti-Virus Definition Updates for F-Prot,
               F-Secure & FSAV v4.03 or greater. Latest
               Signature (daily) and Macro (weekly) files

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 Fidonet Backbone
 DVMMAIL        : R50: DVM FTN Mailer for Win9x/NT
 Filename   : DVMEDIT.ZIP              Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,332,733
 Description:       ŪŪŪŪ   ŪŪ   ŪŪ ŪŪ   ŪŪ
                    ŪŪ ŪŪ  ŪŪ   ŪŪ ŪŪŪ ŪŪŪ
                    ²²  ²² ²²   ²² ²²²²²²²
                    ±±  ±±  ±± ±±  ±± ± ±±
                    °° °°   °° °°  °°   °°
                    °°°°     °°°   °°   °°
                       DVMedit V 0.820
                The simple editor of the messages.
              Support FTN standard and Emal (Ex. module).
              *Donationware Version* for Win'9x/NT/W2k

 Filename   : FAQ.ZIP                  Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     14,374
 Description: DVMSoft FAQ

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRCR       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F5CB6520.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    223,315
 Replaces   : F5CB6520.*
 Description: FS2002 JMSDF Beechcraft B-65 JMSDF Beechcraft B-65. Full
              moving parts model for FS2000 only. B-65 Queen Air had been
              operated by Japan Maritime Self Defense Force as an IFR
              Trainer from 1963 to 80. Designed by Tomohito UNAYAMA
              Dynamics by Michael Ver

 Filename   : F76LZP2.ZIP              Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    478,814
 Replaces   : F76LZP2.*
 Description: FS98/2000/2002 1906 Ellehammer II
              FS98/2000/2002 1906 Ellehammer II
              Step Back in Time and Hold On Tight!
              Honoring Golden Wings 98 & 2000.
              Full Moving Parts.Aircraft by Joe LoGrasso.
              Flight Dynamics by Bill Lyons.

 Filename   : F97M7673.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  4,007,741
 Replaces   : F97M7673.*
 Description: LAM B767-3Y0ER - FS2002 and Pro LAM Linhas Aereas de
              Mozambique - Africa Reg. CS-CEM - ZAMBEZE This aircraft was
              leased for the LAM fleet and has PW engines. Night and Day
              textures. 42-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage full moving
              parts and transpar

 Filename   : FC2F2328.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,021,338
 Replaces   : FC2F2328.*
 Description: Dornier 328 Aircraft and Panel
              For FS2000-20002 Pro
              Includes Alitalia, US Airways
              and United Express liveries
              by David Durst
              Ver 2.0 - 1/6/2002

 Filename   : FDENSLCZ.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,431,199
 Replaces   : FDENSLCZ.*
 Description: FS2002 PRO Nightwolf Air Service Lockheed Electra 10A The
              Lockheed 10A Electra is a great vintage aircraft and is
              fairly rare these days however they can be found. Some of
              them restored to original while others are customized by
              their owners. This mo

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_CFS         : FS: Combat
 Filename   : F20JSMKZ.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     30,695
 Replaces   : F20JSMKZ.*
 Description: FS2002 fx_oldjetsmoke.fx
              An effect that adds large black smoke trails
              during the first minute or so after engaging
              the smoke system. After the effect runs out,
              normal jet smoke appears. Based on the work
              of CFS2 effects masters, Nibbio,
              Nanni and Ghostpony. Usable on
              any aircraft with a smoke system in the
              By Rolf Keibell (VF2_Rolf).

 Filename   : F2FPDW47.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    713,849
 Replaces   : F2FPDW47.*
 Description: FS2000 - CFS Republic P-47d Thunderbolt. 
              This is a repaint of the default CFS P-47d
              Thunderbolt aircraft painted in a winter
              camouflage texture with USAAF insignia and
              Aircraft Markings SX-B from the 353 Fighter
              352 Fighter Sq, 8th Air Force, England 1944.
              This aircraft is from CFS and
              tested in FS2000. Uses P-47d Panel. It will
              fly equally well in CFS and FS2000. All
              surfaces are moveable, transparent cockpit,
              retractable landing gear.
              Repaint by Bob Bongiovanni.
              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
              353rd Fighter Group Information during WWII
              at Raydon, Metfield and Goxhill in England (UK) Covering
              the 350th, 351st and 352nd Fighter Squadrons (1943 - 1945)

 Filename   : FCEPDL47.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    817,505
 Replaces   : FCEPDL47.*
 Description: FS2000 - CFS Republic P-47d Thunderbolt. 
              A repaint of the default CFS P-47d
              Thunderbolt aircraft painted in a very
              weathered Olive
              Drab with numerous paint chips, taken from a
              photo of an aircraft from the USAF Air Museum
              Photo Archives at Wright Patterson AFB,
              Ohio. The aircraft has the marking J11 on
              the side
              and serial number 42-24964. This aircraft is
              from CFS and tested in FS2000. Uses P-47d
              Panel.  All flight surfaces are moveable,
              transparent cockpit, retractable landing
              Repaint by Bob Bongiovanni.
              [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_GRAPH       : FS: Flight Simulation Graphic Files
 Filename   : F5ABJ583.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    295,775
 Replaces   : F5ABJ583.*
 Description: FS2002 Beechcraft Baron 58 repaint
              This is a repaint of the default Beech Baron
              in a White with red and blue paint scheme, with all panel
              lines.  This file corrects a problem with the cockpit view.
               Original texture by MS, blank starting texture by J.Line. 
              Painted by Jim Youngken.

 Filename   : F5FSP741.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,782,972
 Replaces   : F5FSP741.*
 Description: FS2000/FS2002 Project Opensky BOEING 747-132(SF) N856FT
              Polar Air Cargo
              POSKY Original Technique. Moving
              flaperon's,spoileron's,aileron's,elevator's, rudder, and
              fan blade's ,Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly
              detailed) night lighting, flashing beacon's. Transparent
              cockpit windshield with 3-D pilot's. Designed By Mits

 Filename   : FFFL7442.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    654,317
 Replaces   : FFFL7442.*
 Description: FS2002 PRO ELAL 747-400 UPDATED V2.0
              A repaint of the standerd 747-400. Original
              by Chanan Epstein,
              Updated by Erez Werber with reflections and
              improved textures

   3,733,064 bytes in 3 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_PIC         : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : FSP_035L.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,208
 Replaces   : FSP_035L.*
 Description: FS PIC: 172K2CTJ

 Filename   : FSP_035M.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,989
 Replaces   : FSP_035M.*
 Description: FS PIC: 172K2CTJ2

 Filename   : FSP_035N.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      8,743
 Replaces   : FSP_035N.*
 Description: FS PIC: 172K2CTJP

 Filename   : FSP_035O.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,495
 Replaces   : FSP_035O.*
 Description: FS PIC: 27PORTS

 Filename   : FSP_035P.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,424
 Replaces   : FSP_035P.*
 Description: FS PIC: 27PORTSP

 Filename   : FSP_035Q.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,024
 Replaces   : FSP_035Q.*
 Description: FS PIC: 2KRJPLV2

 Filename   : FSP_035R.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,492
 Replaces   : FSP_035R.*
 Description: FS PIC: 2KRJPLV2P

 Filename   : FSP_035S.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,887
 Replaces   : FSP_035S.*
 Description: FS PIC: 320BA2K2

 Filename   : FSP_035T.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,233
 Replaces   : FSP_035T.*
 Description: FS PIC: 320BA2K2P

 Filename   : FSP_035U.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,566
 Replaces   : FSP_035U.*
 Description: FS PIC: 380LH_MX

 Filename   : FSP_035V.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,843
 Replaces   : FSP_035V.*
 Description: FS PIC: 380LH_MX2

 Filename   : FSP_035W.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,943
 Replaces   : FSP_035W.*
 Description: FS PIC: 380LH_MXP

 Filename   : FSP_035X.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,867
 Replaces   : FSP_035X.*
 Description: FS PIC: A320ITA

 Filename   : FSP_035Y.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,993
 Replaces   : FSP_035Y.*
 Description: FS PIC: A320ITA2

 Filename   : FSP_035Z.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,073
 Replaces   : FSP_035Z.*
 Description: FS PIC: A320ITAP

 Filename   : FSP_0360.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,387
 Replaces   : FSP_0360.*
 Description: FS PIC: A346-ACA

 Filename   : FSP_0361.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,265
 Replaces   : FSP_0361.*
 Description: FS PIC: AH-1F

 Filename   : FSP_0362.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,993
 Replaces   : FSP_0362.*
 Description: FS PIC: AH-1F2

 Filename   : FSP_0363.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,286
 Replaces   : FSP_0363.*
 Description: FS PIC: AH-1FP

 Filename   : FSP_0364.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,271
 Replaces   : FSP_0364.*
 Description: FS PIC: AIRH757

 Filename   : FSP_0365.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,662
 Replaces   : FSP_0365.*
 Description: FS PIC: AIRH757P

 Filename   : FSP_0366.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,033
 Replaces   : FSP_0366.*
 Description: FS PIC: AI_BA737

 Filename   : FSP_0367.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,469
 Replaces   : FSP_0367.*
 Description: FS PIC: AKDK2

 Filename   : FSP_0368.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,616
 Replaces   : FSP_0368.*
 Description: FS PIC: AKDK2P

 Filename   : FSP_0369.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,739
 Replaces   : FSP_0369.*
 Description: FS PIC: AMERICAN737

 Filename   : FSP_036A.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,808
 Replaces   : FSP_036A.*
 Description: FS PIC: AMERICAN777

 Filename   : FSP_036B.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      9,364
 Replaces   : FSP_036B.*
 Description: FS PIC: AP22V507

 Filename   : FSP_036C.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      8,104
 Replaces   : FSP_036C.*
 Description: FS PIC: AP22V5072

 Filename   : FSP_036D.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,828
 Replaces   : FSP_036D.*
 Description: FS PIC: AP22V507P

 Filename   : FSP_036E.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,859
 Replaces   : FSP_036E.*
 Description: FS PIC: AS32REP

 Filename   : FSP_036F.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,658
 Replaces   : FSP_036F.*
 Description: FS PIC: AS32REPP

 Filename   : FSP_036G.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,678
 Replaces   : FSP_036G.*
 Description: FS PIC: ATR2K2V6

 Filename   : FSP_036H.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,614
 Replaces   : FSP_036H.*
 Description: FS PIC: ATR2K2V62

 Filename   : FSP_036I.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,060
 Replaces   : FSP_036I.*
 Description: FS PIC: ATR2K2V6P

 Filename   : FSP_036J.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,202
 Replaces   : FSP_036J.*
 Description: FS PIC: B-65V20

 Filename   : FSP_036K.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,878
 Replaces   : FSP_036K.*
 Description: FS PIC: B-65V20P

 Filename   : FSP_036L.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      8,442
 Replaces   : FSP_036L.*
 Description: FS PIC: B717-FS2K2

 Filename   : FSP_036M.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,050
 Replaces   : FSP_036M.*
 Description: FS PIC: B717-FS2K2P

 Filename   : FSP_036N.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      8,350
 Replaces   : FSP_036N.*
 Description: FS PIC: B747DLX4

 Filename   : FSP_036O.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      8,284
 Replaces   : FSP_036O.*
 Description: FS PIC: B747DLX42

 Filename   : FSP_036P.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,815
 Replaces   : FSP_036P.*
 Description: FS PIC: B747DLX4P

 Filename   : FSP_036Q.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,036
 Replaces   : FSP_036Q.*
 Description: FS PIC: BA2K2_06

 Filename   : FSP_036R.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,159
 Replaces   : FSP_036R.*
 Description: FS PIC: BA2K2_06P

 Filename   : FSP_036S.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,332
 Replaces   : FSP_036S.*
 Description: FS PIC: BE58JY3U

 Filename   : FSP_036T.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,541
 Replaces   : FSP_036T.*
 Description: FS PIC: BHAM_2K2

 Filename   : FSP_036U.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,457
 Replaces   : FSP_036U.*
 Description: FS PIC: BHAM_2K22

 Filename   : FSP_036V.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,746
 Replaces   : FSP_036V.*
 Description: FS PIC: BHAM_2K2P

 Filename   : FSP_036W.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     29,579
 Replaces   : FSP_036W.*
 Description: FS PIC: BIPE2

 Filename   : FSP_036X.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     26,215
 Replaces   : FSP_036X.*
 Description: FS PIC: BIPE22

 Filename   : FSP_036Y.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,568
 Replaces   : FSP_036Y.*
 Description: FS PIC: BIPE2P

   369,128 bytes in 50 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_SCENE       : FS: Scenery
 Filename   : F16MNT22.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,333,946
 Replaces   : F16MNT22.*
 Description: Mount Saint Helens 20 Meter Terrain Mesh Scenery for FS2002. 
              This scenery contains Mount Saint Helens
              Washington and the Spirit Lake area.  Made from 10 meter
              USGS DEM data.  By Eddie Denney.  Freeware.

 Filename   : F61BPZP2.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,881,406
 Replaces   : F61BPZP2.*
 Description: FS2002  Classic Biplane Updates. The original Cannibal Queen
              and Curtiss Jenny biplanes updated to operate in fs2002.
              Included is the modified 1942 Stearman which author Stephen
              Coonts flew around the US during the summer of 1991 and
              immortalized in the b

 Filename   : F68KRZP.ZIP              Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,857,379
 Replaces   : F68KRZP.*
 Description: FS2002 Scenery- Okaro Lake Version 1.0.,Rotorua Lakes
              District, New Zealand. A small fishing lake
              situated SE
              of Rotorua in NZ.It is the crater lake of an
              extinct volcano
              called Reporoa and is world renown for its
              beautiful rainbow
              trout. It mimics actual FS2002 water
              effects!, ideal for landing
              floatplanes ( it is not default water
              scenery! )..also moving
              photorealistic(seasonal)trees,dirt rwy,jetty,
              static floatplane,boats,waterskier,caravan,
              tavern, animated&
              illuminated windsocks,small tree covered
              island in middle
              of lake,Pilot controlled lighting for
              helipad, buoys &
              windsocks.Fictional NDB. By Savern Reweti

   5,072,731 bytes in 3 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_TOOL        : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F49MSC35.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    628,520
 Replaces   : F49MSC35.*
 Description: MEASConverter v3.50
              A complete, user-friendly and easy-to-use
              handy measurement converter which
              includes 10 measurement categories: area,
              distance, mass, plane angles, power,
              pressure, speed, temperature, time and
              volume. It has a built-in conversion table,
              prefix converter and also a nice layout
              appearance. By J.O.

   628,520 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_ACTION       : GamesNet: Action, Jump'n Run
 Filename   : G83PC211.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,439,100
 Replaces   : G83PC211.*
 Description: PACMANIA 2D 1.1 - ShareWare PacMania 2D
              is one of those titles that has almost no
              chance of success. It s really hard to
              recreate the magic that the original
              arcade and console games brought to
              gamers. While PacMania 2D doesn t break
              any new ground it surely holds its appeal
              for gamers who are looking to re-enter
              the Pac maze.

   2,439,100 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_BOARD        : GamesNet: Board Type games
 Filename   : G18MGC12.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,133,772
 Replaces   : G18MGC12.*
 Description: MAGIC REVERSI GOLD 1.2 - ShareWare If you
              love to challenge yourself and others to
              classic board games you should give Magic
              Reversi Gold a try.

 Filename   : GBCK1800.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  4,670,304
 Replaces   : GBCK1800.*
 Description: KYODAI MAHJONGG 18.00 - ShareWare With
              every release it has become clear that
              Kyodai s Mahjongg has every single option
              that both mahjongg experts and novices
              need. From a slew of different skins to
              the wonderful game modes this is a
              shining example of long hard work.

   6,804,076 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CONS         : GamesNet: GameConsole infos, tips & hints
 Filename   : C02CP115.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     15,824
 Replaces   : C02CP115.*
 Description: CAPCOM VS. SNK 2 - V11.5 Arcade - Voice

 Filename   : C21WF101.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,713
 Replaces   : C21WF101.*
              PlayStation2 - Fred Durst

 Filename   : C2DMGM10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      2,376
 Replaces   : C2DMGM10.*
 Description: MEGAMAN - V1.0 GameBoy - Password List

 Filename   : C31SLN10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      3,955
 Replaces   : C31SLN10.*
              Xbox - Born From a Wish Speed Guide

 Filename   : C41KNG15.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      7,364
 Replaces   : C41KNG15.*
 Description: KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 THE - V1.5 Arcade -
              Blue Mary

 Filename   : C45GRMRK.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     24,333
 Replaces   : C45GRMRK.*
              - Terry

 Filename   : C47MTH10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,734
 Replaces   : C47MTH10.*
 Description: MAT HOFFMAN S PRO BMX - V1.0 Dreamcast -
              Move List

 Filename   : C49GRN12.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,897
 Replaces   : C49GRN12.*
 Description: GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC - V1.2 PlayStation2
              - Tokyo R246 Guide

 Filename   : C4BFXND.ZIP              Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      4,549
 Replaces   : C4BFXND.*
 Description: FAXANADU NES - Item Guide

 Filename   : C5BGLD18.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      9,191
 Replaces   : C5BGLD18.*
 Description: GOLDEN SUN - V1.8 GameBoy Advance - Item List

 Filename   : C5BSPR10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,263
 Replaces   : C5BSPR10.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.0 GameCube -
              Dr. Mario

 Filename   : C5ESPR53.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     15,460
 Replaces   : C5ESPR53.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V5.3 GameCube -

 Filename   : C7ASPRSM.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      5,142
 Replaces   : C7ASPRSM.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE GameCube - Yoshi

 Filename   : C7FSPR20.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      8,251
 Replaces   : C7FSPR20.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V2.0 GameCube -

 Filename   : C8ASLN21.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     26,777
 Replaces   : C8ASLN21.*
 Description: SILENT HILL - V2.1 PlayStation - Plot

 Filename   : C96FNL15.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     25,318
 Replaces   : C96FNL15.*
 Description: FINAL FANTASY X - V1.5 PlayStation2 -
              Equipment Remodeling Guide

 Filename   : C9DSMN10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     13,712
 Replaces   : C9DSMN10.*
 Description: SUMMONER - V1.0 PlayStation2 - Puzzles

 Filename   : CA1FRP10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,130
 Replaces   : CA1FRP10.*
 Description: FIRE PROWRESTLING D - V1.0 Dreamcast -
              Beginner s Guide

 Filename   : CB2GR102.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      9,755
 Replaces   : CB2GR102.*
 Description: GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES - V1.02 Arcade
              - Freeman

 Filename   : CBFRLR20.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     10,171
 Replaces   : CBFRLR20.*
 Description: ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON - V2.0 DOS/Windows -
              Beginner s Guide

 Filename   : CCCFNLFN.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     28,453
 Replaces   : CCCFNLFN.*
 Description: FINAL FANTASY X - VFINAL PlayStation2 -
              Monster Encyclopedia

 Filename   : CCDSPR10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     10,014
 Replaces   : CCDSPR10.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.0 GameCube -
              Ice Climbers

 Filename   : CD8SPR10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     10,496
 Replaces   : CD8SPR10.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.0 GameCube -
              Mr. Game and Watch

 Filename   : CE1TMC13.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,587
 Replaces   : CE1TMC13.*
 Description: TIME CRISIS 2 - V1.3 PlayStation2 -
              Crisis Missions Guide

 Filename   : CE4MG100.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      3,992
 Replaces   : CE4MG100.*
 Description: MAGI NATION - V1.00 GameBoy Color - Game
              Shark Codes

 Filename   : CE8PRSTV.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      3,222
 Replaces   : CE8PRSTV.*
 Description: PARASITE EVE II - VFINAL PlayStation -
              Endings Guide

 Filename   : CF5SPR10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      6,673
 Replaces   : CF5SPR10.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.0 GameCube -
              Mr. Game and Watch

   279,352 bytes in 27 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_DENK         : GamesNet: Mind games
 Filename   : 9C3CL150.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    437,047
 Replaces   : 9C3CL150.*
 Description: CLEVER BOXMAN 1.50 - FreeWare Clever Box
              Man is a brain teaser with beautiful
              scenery background music and increasingly
              difficult levels. The game encourages
              logical thinking and enhances problem
              solving skills.

 Filename   : G94RNX10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  3,949,224
 Replaces   : G94RNX10.*
 Description: RENEXII 1.0 - ShareWare RenexII may be
              the most feature-filled Lines clone
              around. While the gameplay remains the
              same comprised of gathering objects in a
              line the graphics and skinnability take
              it above the rest.

   4,386,271 bytes in 2 file(s) received

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 G_DIFF         : GamesNet: NodeDiff GamesNet
 Filename   : GAMEDIFF.Z11             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      1,200
 Replaces   : GAMEDIFF.*
 Description: GamesNet NodeDiff KW 2/2002

   1,200 bytes in 1 file(s) received

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 G_FUN          : GamesNet: Fun-, wheel- & juxgames
 Filename   : P49G0902.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,523,652
 Replaces   : P49G0902.*
 Description:          GetSmile v0.902 Demo
                     Universal smilie manager
              Organizes, inserts, captures graphical
              smilies and text. Suitable for every
              Internet forum, e-mail, MS Office user
                           (c) Sofrayt

   1,523,652 bytes in 1 file(s) received

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 G_MISCAD       : GamesNet: Miscelleanous AddOn's
 Filename   : G89MRB10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,561,905
 Replaces   : G89MRB10.*
 Description: MR. BLACK JACK 1.0 - ShareWare Mr. Black
              Jack is an easy-to-play card game. For
              many years people all over the world have
              been playing blackjack. They deal stand
              double and hit sometimes with low bets
              and sometimes with high ones.

   2,561,905 bytes in 1 file(s) received

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 G_PDA          : GamesNet: PDA PalmPilot related games
 Filename   : 30DPRT11.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     40,011
 Replaces   : 30DPRT11.*
 Description: PARATROOPERS 1.1 - ShareWare If you think you can defend
              your ground from the evil paratroopers check out this
              action game. Note: This program requires Palm OS 3.0 or

 Filename   : 311HPS14.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    362,899
 Replaces   : 311HPS14.*
 Description: HOOPS 1.4 - ShareWare This is a real-time scoring and
              statistics application for basketball fans. It supports 12
              players plus a visiting team and provides instant player
              statistics so you can keep up with a fast-paced game. You
              can save games and exp

 Filename   : 31BPC103.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     55,796
 Replaces   : 31BPC103.*
 Description: POCKET BLACKJACK 1.03 - FreeWare This sophisticated
              blackjack game can be played in black and white or color.
              You can double down split and buy insurance. It also lets
              you practice

 Filename   : 36EPTR21.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     65,812
 Replaces   : 36EPTR21.*
 Description: PETRA-LUNA 2.1 - FreeWare This is a typical Tetris-like game
              -- fun Note: This game now runs on color devices.

 Filename   : 389DS310.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:     82,121
 Replaces   : 389DS310.*
 Description: 3D STAR FIGHTER PILOT 1.0C - DemoWare The game is played by
              dueling with one or more enemies at a time until you
              complete a sector of space. There are 31 sectors in the
              registered version and 21 types of enemy fighters.

 Filename   : 397RFL25.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:      9,852
 Replaces   : 397RFL25.*
 Description: REFLEXOR 2.5 - ShareWare The object of this game is to
              destroy the falling shapes before they hit the ground by
              using the four circular buttons at the bottom of your PDA.
              Note: Color is supported.

 Filename   : 3FBQS113.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    101,642
 Replaces   : 3FBQS113.*
 Description: QUEST OF THE HERO 1.13 - ShareWare Quest of the Hero is a
              turn-based strategy game in which your hero battles hostile
              creatures face-to-face. The map contains terrain like
              mountains forests and lakes and you have to capture all of
              the castles on the

 Filename   : P08BLC10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    173,018
 Replaces   : P08BLC10.*
 Description: BLACKJACK 1.0 - ShareWare Want some practice playing
              blackjack before heading to the casinos This is the
              standard 21 card game played in many casinos where you can
              bet double down and get a three-to-two return on a

 Filename   : P7ELNS10.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    168,423
 Replaces   : P7ELNS10.*
 Description: LINESFG 1.0 - FreeWare Lines is a simple game where you have
              to make lines of five or more balls of the same color.
              Every time you fail to make a line three more balls are
              added in the grid making the next move more difficult.

   1,059,574 bytes in 9 file(s) received

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 G_UPDATE       : GamesNet: Updates
 Filename   : U0BY2002.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,026,007
 Replaces   : U0BY2002.*
 Description: Backyard Football 2002 update 14.12.2001

 Filename   : U2DBSP13.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,636,805
 Replaces   : U2DBSP13.*
 Description: Balls of Steel 1.3 shareware

 Filename   : U2EBL101.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    539,846
 Replaces   : U2EBL101.*
 Description: Ballistics 1.01

 Filename   : U33B1355.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,983,099
 Replaces   : U33B1355.*
 Description: Baldur s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast 1.3.5521 UK

 Filename   : U38B2264.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  4,243,110
 Replaces   : U38B2264.*
 Description: Baldur s Gate: Throne of Bhaal v26499 beta

 Filename   : U51B1355.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,993,574
 Replaces   : U51B1355.*
 Description: Baldur s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast 1.3.5521

 Filename   : U70B1355.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  2,983,167
 Replaces   : U70B1355.*
 Description: Baldur s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast 1.3.5521 US

 Filename   : U75TN320.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  1,017,762
 Replaces   : U75TN320.*
 Description: Atlantis III patch 2.0

 Filename   : U88BSR13.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:  3,791,060
 Replaces   : U88BSR13.*
 Description: Balls of Steel 1.3 registered

 Filename   : UA1BYBSK.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    322,107
 Replaces   : UA1BYBSK.*
 Description: Backyard Basketball update 11.09.2001

 Filename   : UE0B2242.ZIP             Filedate: 01/20/02  Filesize:    386,842
 Replaces   : UE0B2242.*
 Description: Baseball Mogul 2002 v4.28

   21,923,379 bytes in 11 file(s) received

   Total of 65,201,973 bytes in 123 file(s)

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