MSGID: 111:4975/201 2c3bd98a
PID: ALLFIX+ 5.13.3 F2C6811E
TID: GE 1.2
 Today, Sunday 27-01-02, Fringe BBS - EWOG II (111:4975/201) received the
 following files.

 Area : BACKBONE        Comment : Backbone: Echomail Area Lists and Info Files
 BACKSTAT.PA      1,081 Backbone info file
 1,081       bytes in 1   file(s)

 Area : DDSDOORS        Comment : DDS: BBS Doors and Games
 DDSDOORS.ZIP     7,600 DDS FDN Policy and Information Statement including
                        Guidelines for Hatching Your File(s) into the
                        DDSDOORS File Echo.
 GTC100.ZIP       8,769 Garrison's Training Center  v1.0  for Legend of the
                        Red Dragon
                        Enter the Training Center to receive some
                        extra help in your quest to slay the
                        Red Dragon.  Train with Court early on, and
                        once you have become a more
                        advanced warrior, train with the Great
                        Garrison, himself.  Chances to improve
                        your strength, defense, and endurance every
                        Requires LORD 3.5 or higher and The Gateway
                        IGM 1.0 or higher.
 16,369      bytes in 2   file(s)

 Total of 17,450 in 3 file(s)

 File requests are welcome 23 hrs per day, from 04:00-03:00.

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