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 111:111/1 hatched the following files on Friday 02-01-2002

 Fidonet Backbone
 DDSDOORS       : DDS: BBS Doors and Games
 Filename   : GA-WRLD.ZIP              Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    622,059
 Description:   ,,a. Warlock
                `$$$$$  `$$, `$$$$,a.
                 l$$$$   l$$  l$$$$$$
                 :$$$$:: :$$$: $$$$$$
                  l$$$l :l$$$l $$$$$$
                  :$$$$ga,._ : :$$S"'
                   $$$ż^       ż"'
              ..  Warlock Pack viewer door
              door for win32, linux, dos
              author  Gossamer Axe

 Filename   : WALL31.ZIP               Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     72,418
 Description: WALL OF WISDOM 3.1   By Jimmy Rose
              The Most Colorful and Most Configurable
              Wall Writer around! Sysop editor and
              configuration utility built in! This
              version has many features including full
              line editing when entering comments and
              Sysop configurable line characters.
              Every BBS can have a unique look! This
              program is user friendly! Popular BBS door
              for TriBBS, Wildcat, RA, Spitfire, Renegade,
              PC Board, Gap, and ALL other major BBS's.
              Brand new 2002 release! DOS version.
              (c)1994-2002 ATLANTIS SOFTWARE.
              Freeware Version!

 Filename   : WRLK001.ZIP              Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    240,753
 Description:           ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ
                      °ßßß ÜÜÜÜÜ ß²ßŪŪŪ²
              ßßŪŪŪŪŪŪ²±°ßßß°°ŪŪŪŪŪŻ ŪŻ°Ū²
                  ßŪŪŪŪ²      ŽŪŪŪŪŻ °ßÜŪ
              ŪŪ² ŽŪßÜ°Ż  ŪŪŪÜ ŪŪŪŪŪ ŽŪŪ²²
               Ū² ŪŻ ±Ż   ŪŪŪŪ ßŪŪŪŪŻ ŪŪŪ²
               Ūß ŪŪ°°Ż   ŽŪŪŪŪ ŽŪŪŪŪ ŽŪŪ²²
               Ü ŽŪŪŪŪ    ŽŪŪŪŪ ŽŪŪŪŪ  ßŪŪ²
              ŪŻßŽŪŪŪŪ  °  ŪŪŪŪ  ŪŪŪŪ²  ŪŪŪ
              ŪŪ ŪŪŪŪŪ     ²ŪŪŪ° ŪŪŪ²²Ż Ū²²±°°
              ŪŪÜ ßŪŪŪŪܰܲ²ŪŪŪÜŪŪŪŪ²ß ŽŪŪŪ
              ŽŪŪŪÜÜ ßßŪŪŪŪŪŪŪŪŪŪßß ÜÜŪŪŪ²²
               Ūß°Ż²²ÜÜ  ßßßßßß      ßŪŪ²²
              ŽŻ   °±²    Warlock    ŽŪ²²Ż
              Ū°° °Ū     pack #001    ŽŪŪ
              ßŪŪ²ß BBS Mods, Darkness ŪŻ
               ŽŪ   IGMs, BBS Logos    ŽŻ
               ŽŻ   Menus, etc.,       Ž
                ²   Sept/2001          Ü
                Ü    Leech It!      ÜÜŪŪ

 Filename   : ZCHAT124.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    500,356
 Description: ZChat Advanced Teleconference System.
              THE most full-featured multinode chat
              can link your BBS into Internet IRC!* *ZChat
              can link your BBS with other ZChats!* ZChat
              offers full featured chat, a full screen
              mouseable config program, and easy install.
              ZChat has everything you have ever wanted in
              a "chat" package.

   1,435,586 bytes in 4 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRCR       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F00TW747.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,430,785
 Replaces   : F00TW747.*
 Description: FS2000 TWA (Twin Globes livery) Boeing 747-100 
              Model version 1b. Registration N5361.
              round fuselage and engine section, complete
              parts, tilting bogies, working thrust
              see through cockpit, landing gear bays,
              complete landing lights. This slightly
              version includes textured gear bays and some
              minor improvements. Partially photorealistic
              By Federico Veronesi.

 Filename   : F5FP7474.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,708,486
 Replaces   : F5FP7474.*
 Description: FS2000/FS2002 Project Opensky BOEING 747SR-46(SF) N680UP
              United Parcel Service
              POSKY Original Technique. Accurate paint for
              each aircraft. Moving
              flaperon's,spoileron's,aileron's,elevator's, rudder, and
              fan blade's ,Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly
              detailed) night lighting(no tail light as UPS has theirs
              deactivated), flash

 Filename   : F8FRN130.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  3,857,470
 Replaces   : F8FRN130.*
 Description: FS2002 Lockheed C-130H Hercules of the Royal New Zealand
              Airforce. This is a repaint of the Adrian Braushe s
              beautifully depicted Fat Albert The repaint is of an early
              RNZAF Hercules C130 circa 1965 prior to being repainted in
              the camouflage paint sc

 Filename   : F92QF777.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,025,686
 Replaces   : F92QF777.*
 Description: FS2002 QANTAS Boeing 777-300
              This model is a rework of the default FS2002
              B777-300. It features the new "Reflective" textures, full
              night lighting with working landing lights that illuminate
              the runway, and virtual cockpit. QANTAS dont actually fly
              any 777's, but this model was prod
              By: Brad Disher

 Filename   : FE0PBV02.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  5,291,132
 Replaces   : FE0PBV02.*
 Description: UPiNSKY AiR de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk I for FS2002
              Repaints of the award winning Version 7 float wheel/ski and
              wheel models designed by Fred Banting and Yannick Lavigne.
              This package contains Fred s latest air and cfg files.
              Marco Blauwhof s zooma

 Filename   : FF3TCB02.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,130,081
 Replaces   : FF3TCB02.*
 Description: FS2002 - Aircraft BB2Jets Boeing Business 2 jets in colours
              of Africa-Mozambique Tropico Capricorneo 2002 Full moving
              parts day and night textures. Metallic Colours. Weight and
              Balance Adjustment for FS2002 and PRO . Upgrade E2J panel
              include. Defaul

   18,443,640 bytes in 6 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRPO       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F74S2002.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,339,550
 Replaces   : F74S2002.*
 Description: Russian Perm' Airports B.Savino (USPP),
              Baharevka (USPB) & Perm City streets for
              Scenery by Stolpyansky Victor.
              Features: dense static scenery,
              photorealistic terminal & tower area.
              Also Scenery & scenery updates available from
              the site

 Filename   : F86SCJ10.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    475,926
 Replaces   : F86SCJ10.*
 Description: FS2000 Scenery Cańal Bajo Airport(SCJO) Osorno, Chile
              Very realistic scenery of Cańal Bajo Carlos
              Hott Siebert airport, in the city of Osorno. This scenery
              includes a realistic terminal building with day and night
              textures, textured taxiways, hangars,  very realistic
              ground services vehicles and a static ai
              By Gabriel Concha V.
              Santiago de Chile

 Filename   : F8BDYCV2.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,693,982
 Replaces   : F8BDYCV2.*
 Description: FS2002 Aberdeen Scenery v2
              This is improved scenery of Aberdeen/Dyce
              for FS2002 .A number of changes have
              been made to make the scenery  not only
              compatable with fs2002 but to improve the
              overall feel of the Airport.Use is made of
              tree`s from Gerrish Grays tree library and
              this must be dowloaded separately.
              By: Paul Baines

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_PIC         : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : FSP_03CC.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,447
 Replaces   : FSP_03CC.*
 Description: FS PIC: ANT25_2K

 Filename   : FSP_03CD.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,516
 Replaces   : FSP_03CD.*
 Description: FS PIC: ANT25_2K2

 Filename   : FSP_03CE.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,087
 Replaces   : FSP_03CE.*
 Description: FS PIC: ANT25_2KP

 Filename   : FSP_03CF.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,859
 Replaces   : FSP_03CF.*
 Description: FS PIC: B737K_400LM

 Filename   : FSP_03CG.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,134
 Replaces   : FSP_03CG.*
 Description: FS PIC: B737K_400LMP

 Filename   : FSP_03CH.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,065
 Replaces   : FSP_03CH.*
 Description: FS PIC: BFUNORTH

 Filename   : FSP_03CI.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,155
 Replaces   : FSP_03CI.*
 Description: FS PIC: BFUNORTHP

 Filename   : FSP_03CJ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,541
 Replaces   : FSP_03CJ.*
 Description: FS PIC: BNKSLITE

 Filename   : FSP_03CK.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,994
 Replaces   : FSP_03CK.*
 Description: FS PIC: C207MGGS

 Filename   : FSP_03CL.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,949
 Replaces   : FSP_03CL.*
 Description: FS PIC: C207MGGS2

 Filename   : FSP_03CM.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     37,892
 Replaces   : FSP_03CM.*
 Description: FS PIC: C207MGGSP

 Filename   : FSP_03CN.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,608
 Replaces   : FSP_03CN.*
 Description: FS PIC: CC144FS8

 Filename   : FSP_03CO.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,882
 Replaces   : FSP_03CO.*
 Description: FS PIC: CUTTER2

 Filename   : FSP_03CP.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,554
 Replaces   : FSP_03CP.*
 Description: FS PIC: CUTTER2P

 Filename   : FSP_03CQ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,240
 Replaces   : FSP_03CQ.*
 Description: FS PIC: E145AZV2

 Filename   : FSP_03CR.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,218
 Replaces   : FSP_03CR.*
 Description: FS PIC: E145AZV2P

 Filename   : FSP_03CS.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,544
 Replaces   : FSP_03CS.*
 Description: FS PIC: F-111A

 Filename   : FSP_03CT.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,426
 Replaces   : FSP_03CT.*
 Description: FS PIC: F-111A2

 Filename   : FSP_03CU.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,890
 Replaces   : FSP_03CU.*
 Description: FS PIC: F-111AP

 Filename   : FSP_03CV.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,862
 Replaces   : FSP_03CV.*
 Description: FS PIC: F94FS2K2

 Filename   : FSP_03DZ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,121
 Replaces   : FSP_03DZ.*
 Description: FS PIC: 02_86V10

 Filename   : FSP_03E0.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,689
 Replaces   : FSP_03E0.*
 Description: FS PIC: A320_VIEWS

 Filename   : FSP_03E1.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,836
 Replaces   : FSP_03E1.*
 Description: FS PIC: A320_VIEWSP

 Filename   : FSP_03E2.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,773
 Replaces   : FSP_03E2.*
 Description: FS PIC: B747PDL

 Filename   : FSP_03E3.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      8,997
 Replaces   : FSP_03E3.*
 Description: FS PIC: B747PDLP

 Filename   : FSP_03E4.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,184
 Replaces   : FSP_03E4.*
 Description: FS PIC: C61FAA2K

 Filename   : FSP_03E5.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      3,088
 Replaces   : FSP_03E5.*
 Description: FS PIC: C61FAA2KP

 Filename   : FSP_03E6.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,711
 Replaces   : FSP_03E6.*
 Description: FS PIC: CES33702

 Filename   : FSP_03E7.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,788
 Replaces   : FSP_03E7.*
 Description: FS PIC: CES33702P

 Filename   : FSP_03E8.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      8,042
 Replaces   : FSP_03E8.*
 Description: FS PIC: KATLADD1

 Filename   : FSP_03E9.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,500
 Replaces   : FSP_03E9.*
 Description: FS PIC: KATLADD1P

 Filename   : FSP_03EA.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,474
 Replaces   : FSP_03EA.*
 Description: FS PIC: KLM747KD

 Filename   : FSP_03EB.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,219
 Replaces   : FSP_03EB.*
 Description: FS PIC: KLM747KD2

 Filename   : FSP_03EC.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,187
 Replaces   : FSP_03EC.*
 Description: FS PIC: KLM747KDP

 Filename   : FSP_03ED.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,450
 Replaces   : FSP_03ED.*
 Description: FS PIC: LEAL2002

 Filename   : FSP_03EE.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,242
 Replaces   : FSP_03EE.*
 Description: FS PIC: LEAL20022

 Filename   : FSP_03EF.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,699
 Replaces   : FSP_03EF.*
 Description: FS PIC: LEAL2002P

 Filename   : FSP_03EG.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,161
 Replaces   : FSP_03EG.*
 Description: FS PIC: MEDFLIGHT

 Filename   : FSP_03EH.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,221
 Replaces   : FSP_03EH.*
 Description: FS PIC: SCJOV10

 Filename   : FSP_03EI.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      9,354
 Replaces   : FSP_03EI.*
 Description: FS PIC: STONEMT1

 Filename   : FSP_03EJ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,872
 Replaces   : FSP_03EJ.*
 Description: FS PIC: STONEMT12

 Filename   : FSP_03EK.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,669
 Replaces   : FSP_03EK.*
 Description: FS PIC: STONEMT1P

 Filename   : FSP_03EL.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,665
 Replaces   : FSP_03EL.*
 Description: FS PIC: SU7B

 Filename   : FSP_03EM.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,024
 Replaces   : FSP_03EM.*
 Description: FS PIC: SU7BP

 Filename   : FSP_03EN.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,658
 Replaces   : FSP_03EN.*
 Description: FS PIC: UPS742OL

 Filename   : FSP_03EO.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,852
 Replaces   : FSP_03EO.*
 Description: FS PIC: UPS742OLP

 Filename   : FSP_03EP.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      5,215
 Replaces   : FSP_03EP.*
 Description: FS PIC: WIDEV2K2

 Filename   : FSP_03EQ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,023
 Replaces   : FSP_03EQ.*
 Description: FS PIC: Z-142_HA

 Filename   : FSP_03ER.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,311
 Replaces   : FSP_03ER.*
 Description: FS PIC: Z-142_HAP

   329,888 bytes in 49 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_SCENE       : FS: Scenery
 Filename   : F00KDM01.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    730,167
 Replaces   : F00KDM01.*
 Description: Highlands and Islands of Scotland Terrain Mesh
              Scenery for FS2002 (N57 W5 to N59 W8).
              This is a demo of Visual Flight UK and
              Terrain Mesh Scenery for FS2002 which gives
              complete coverage of England, Wales, Scotland
              and Ireland. By Visual Flight. See
     for more information.

 Filename   : F6BSTZ20.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,534,712
 Replaces   : F6BSTZ20.*
 Description: USITool (v2.0) Full installation!
              USITool v2.0 is a new scenery installation
              tool for FS2002 and FS2000. It is based on
              a common and very easy to use step-by-step
              wizard platform. Scenery developers are now
              able to make their very own self-installing
              scenery EXE file. USITool v2.0 provides all
              the features needed for a safe and problem-
              free installation. Made by Arnt Helge

 Filename   : FADT2002.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,290,892
 Replaces   : FADT2002.*
 Description: Tokyo Scenery for FS2002
              Scenery adding a lot of eye candies to Tokyo
              Most of the objects are the simple
              recompilations of my FS2000 version,
              but I have fixed the terrains, and the roads
              to be more compatible with FS2002.
              by Shigeo Ishii

   5,555,771 bytes in 3 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_ACTION       : GamesNet: Action, Jump'n Run
 Filename   : G4BMN112.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  4,291,804
 Replaces   : G4BMN112.*
 Description: MONEYMANIA 1.12 - ShareWare While the
              thought of a headless figure moving
              around a science fiction board collecting
              monetary units might be a little more
              than most people can bear your
              willingness will be rewarded with a
              pretty nice Pac-Man game. Using a
              combination of fast fingers and power-ups
              you collect money while avoiding the bad

 Filename   : GF9MX105.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  2,369,548
 Replaces   : GF9MX105.*
 Description: MOXY VS THE SPACE MONSTERS 1.05 -
              ShareWare Your mission if you choose to
              accept it: eat and gather all known
              beverages and food while avoiding the
              enemy. To clear a stage that s simply
              what you have to do. Battle against
              spaceships that drop bombs rats that just
              want to eat you boulders that can roll
              over you on a whim and remote-controlled
              buggies that want to run you over. Avoid
              all of this while fighting the effects of
              overeating and bloating.

   6,661,352 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CHEAT        : GamesNet: Cheats
 Filename   : CE7_MDLF.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      1,960
 Replaces   : CE7_MDLF.*
 Description: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Cheat Codes

   1,960 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CONS         : GamesNet: GameConsole infos, tips & hints
 Filename   : C03WFS14.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      9,231
 Replaces   : C03WFS14.*
              PlayStation2 - Edit Move List

 Filename   : C0ETMC14.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,837
 Replaces   : C0ETMC14.*
 Description: TIME CRISIS 2 - V1.4 PlayStation2 -
              Crisis Missions Guide

 Filename   : C10WFSMC.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,456
 Replaces   : C10WFSMC.*
 Description: WWF SMACKDOWN JUST BRING IT PlayStation2
              - Kurt Angle

 Filename   : C16WZR12.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      7,332
 Replaces   : C16WZR12.*
 Description: WIZARDRY VIII - V1.2 DOS/Windows - RPC

 Filename   : C1ALNR11.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,670
 Replaces   : C1ALNR11.*
 Description: LUNAR 2 - V1.1 PlayStation - Shop List

 Filename   : C22SPR07.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     10,611
 Replaces   : C22SPR07.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V0.7 GameCube -

 Filename   : C2DSPR10.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     22,754
 Replaces   : C2DSPR10.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.0 GameCube -

 Filename   : C40SP034.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     14,905
 Replaces   : C40SP034.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V0.34 GameCube
              - Captain Falcon

 Filename   : C49SPR11.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     13,604
 Replaces   : C49SPR11.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.1 GameCube -

 Filename   : C4ALF006.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     14,528
 Replaces   : C4ALF006.*
 Description: LUFIA: THE LEGEND RETURNS - V0.06 GameBoy
              Color - Ancient Cave Guide

 Filename   : C4CDVN03.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     10,180
 Replaces   : C4CDVN03.*
 Description: ADVANCE WARS - V0.3 GameBoy Advance - War
              Room Guide

 Filename   : C57LNS18.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     49,783
 Replaces   : C57LNS18.*
 Description: ALIENS VS. PREDATOR 2 - V1.8 DOS/Windows
              - Fighting Guide

 Filename   : C63CPCM2.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,161
 Replaces   : C63CPCM2.*
 Description: CAPCOM VS. SNK 2 Arcade - Nakoruru

 Filename   : C63SPRSM.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     16,722
 Replaces   : C63SPRSM.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE GameCube - Bowser

 Filename   : C65DRGNQ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,950
 Replaces   : C65DRGNQ.*
 Description: DRAGON QUEST V Super Nintendo - Pro
              Action Replay Codes

 Filename   : C70SPR15.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      8,593
 Replaces   : C70SPR15.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.5 GameCube -

 Filename   : C73BLSTC.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     14,991
 Replaces   : C73BLSTC.*
 Description: BLAST CORPS Nintendo 64 - Platinum Medal

 Filename   : C86SHN12.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     16,582
 Replaces   : C86SHN12.*
 Description: SHANNARA - V1.2 DOS/Windows - Information

 Filename   : CADSP103.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     14,572
 Replaces   : CADSP103.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V1.03 GameCube
              - Ice Climbers

 Filename   : CAESPR20.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     49,469
 Replaces   : CAESPR20.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V2.0 GameCube -
              Trophy Descriptions

 Filename   : CAFSPR03.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     21,436
 Replaces   : CAFSPR03.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V0.3 GameCube -
              Ice Climbers

 Filename   : CB0M2002.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,837
 Replaces   : CB0M2002.*
 Description: MADDEN NFL 2002 PlayStation - Roster
              Update List

 Filename   : CB5DM.ZIP                Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     19,177
 Replaces   : CB5DM.*
 Description: DOOM DOS/Windows - Codes

 Filename   : CB8SKD80.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     13,714
 Replaces   : CB8SKD80.*
 Description: SUIKODEN II - V8.0 PlayStation - Item

 Filename   : CC6RLR25.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     10,786
 Replaces   : CC6RLR25.*
 Description: ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON - V2.5 DOS/Windows -
              Beginner s Guide

 Filename   : CD0ST181.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     20,137
 Replaces   : CD0ST181.*
 Description: STAR OCEAN: THE SECOND STORY - V1.81
              PlayStation - Pickpocketing Guide

 Filename   : CD9GRN11.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      6,740
 Replaces   : CD9GRN11.*
 Description: GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC - V1.1 PlayStation2
              - Laguna Seca Guide

 Filename   : CDFVRT35.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     19,847
 Replaces   : CDFVRT35.*
 Description: VIRTUA FIGHTER 4 - V3.5 Arcade - Pai

 Filename   : CEDFNL16.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     25,964
 Replaces   : CEDFNL16.*
 Description: FINAL FANTASY X - V1.6 PlayStation2 -
              Equipment Remodeling Guide

 Filename   : CF7SP098.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     14,654
 Replaces   : CF7SP098.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V0.98 GameCube
              - Samus

   463,223 bytes in 30 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_DENK         : GamesNet: Mind games
 Filename   : G1ELT11.ZIP              Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    439,096
 Replaces   : G1ELT11.*
 Description: ALLOUT 1.1 - FreeWare No matter what you
              do no matter how frustrating it may be to
              turn off all of the lights you should
              never sell your soul to Lew. The games
              host has a seductive grin that will temp
              you as you pull out your hair with the
              fifty or so levels that ALLOUT

   439,096 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_FUN          : GamesNet: Fun-, wheel- & juxgames
 Filename   : E19MYW11.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  1,613,430
 Replaces   : E19MYW11.*
 Description: MYWORK 1.1 - DemoWare MyWork is designed
              for the special needs of children ages
              2-8. There are nine different interactive
              learning games for children to explore by
              creating beautiful images. Games are
              organized by level of difficulty making
              MyWork suitable for several years.
              Children can learn to sign the alphabet
              and build vocabulary memory social
              language and thinking skills.

   1,613,430 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_PDA          : GamesNet: PDA PalmPilot related games
 Filename   : 36ABLX10.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     19,777
 Replaces   : 36ABLX10.*
 Description: BLOX 1.0 - ShareWare Blox is a colorful mind-puzzling game.
              Match the solution pattern by sliding rows and columns of
              blocks. A single move can affect several pieces so plan
              your moves in advance. If you loved the Rubic s Cube you re
              going to love Bl

 Filename   : 372THR23.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     63,162
 Replaces   : 372THR23.*
 Description: THREE PEAKS 2.3 - ShareWare Three Peaks is a handheld
              version of the classic Windows Tri Peaks Solitaire game.

 Filename   : 386TNT11.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:     56,286
 Replaces   : 386TNT11.*
 Description: TEN THOUSAND 1.1 - ShareWare I would highly recommend that
              you use a color device with this dice game. It works on
              grayscale devices but not as clearly.

 Filename   : P74PK103.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    586,017
 Replaces   : P74PK103.*
 Description: POKERHAND 1.03 - ShareWare This is a collection of six poker
              games for the Pocket PC. You can set the difficulty level
              assign new names to the other players and change table
              colors and card backs. Hold em Omaha Five-card stud
              Seven-card stud Five-car

 Filename   : P8ABLC12.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    191,602
 Replaces   : P8ABLC12.*
 Description: BLACKJACK 1.2 - ShareWare Want some practice playing
              blackjack before heading to the casinos This is the
              standard 21 card game played in many casinos where you can
              bet double down and get a three-to-two return on a

   916,844 bytes in 5 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_TRAIN        : GamesNet: Trainer
 Filename   : T7C_MDL1.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      4,692
 Replaces   : T7C_MDL1.*
 Description: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Trainer

   4,692 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_UPDATE       : GamesNet: Updates
 Filename   : UB5LD109.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:  1,771,408
 Replaces   : UB5LD109.*
 Description: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction 1.09d

 Filename   : UDEDF101.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    897,561
 Replaces   : UDEDF101.*
 Description: Director of Football 1.01 UK

   2,668,969 bytes in 2 file(s) received

 Fidonet Backbone
 G_WORD         : GamesNet: Word games
 Filename   : GD8MVP21.ZIP             Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:    819,743
 Replaces   : GD8MVP21.*
 Description: MVP WORD SEARCH 2.1 - ShareWare Inside a
              square a jumbled group of random letters
              will appear. On your left a bank keeps
              track of words by striking a line through
              them after they are found.

   819,743 bytes in 1 file(s) received

 STN-Net Adminstration
 STN_LIST       : STN: New STN Nodelist
 Filename   : STNLIST.Z32              Filedate: 02/01/02  Filesize:      9,578
 Description: SysOp's TechNet Nodelist for Day 32.

   9,578 bytes in 1 file(s) received

   Total of 44,873,230 bytes in 110 file(s)

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