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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRCR       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F40M1011.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  3,312,668
 Replaces   : F40M1011.*
 Description: FS2002 Lockheed L1011 LAM
              This is a Lockheed L1011 in the in colours
              of Linhas Aereas Mozambique - Africa
              Photorealistic textures and metallic colours
              based on real aircraft have been used.
              The model features all moveable control
              surfaces and landing gear. Night lighting.
              Own fotorealistic classic panel with inside
              views. Default sound.
              Original by: Kenvin Trinkle and (FFG).
              Panel and Repaint by Mario Coelho.

 Filename   : F43DBHLZ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:    990,646
 Replaces   : F43DBHLZ.*
 Description: B737-200 Lufthansa for FS2000 and FS2002.
              Features full 3D moving surfaces, Flight and
              Ground Spoilers, Rolling Wheels, Steerable nose gear with
              landing light, Photo-real High Resolution day and night
              textures (not scanned photos), Landing Light beams,
              Un-Synchronised Strobe lighting, Transparen

 Filename   : F59DCNW3.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,322,793
 Replaces   : F59DCNW3.*
 Description: For FS2000. Douglas DC-3 . Air Atlantique's 
              DC3 G-AMPY,  C/n 26569, registration  N15751,
              respledant in its Northwest Airlines 50th
              colors.  Based on original photographs
              (included in
              download) taken in england on July 1987 and
              August 1988. In 1948 - The "Red Tail" is
              on all Northwest aircraft for the first
              time, creating
              a trademark that becomes known world-wide and
              that continues in use almost 50 years later.
              36 sided fuselage and engine nacelles, 24
              airfoil wing and horizontal stabalizer
              profiles. A
              complete 3d model. Animated control surfaces,
              props, landing gear and rolling wheels.
              Night textures
              and cockpit with crew. Very easy to fly as
              well as stable.
              Original Aircraft by Lou Volland, repaint by
              Bob Bongiovanni.

 Filename   : F71DCB10.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,509,104
 Replaces   : F71DCB10.*
 Description: FS2002 Iberia Mc Donnell Douglas DC10-30 "Costa del Azahar",
              registration EC-CEZ. The last to fly with Iberia's livery.
              Features: FS2002 flight dynamics (v2.65), perfect aircraft
              model, accurate textures, full FS2002 effects... . Model
              and base textures b

 Filename   : F83LV192.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  4,820,523
 Replaces   : F83LV192.*
 Description: FS2002 Panel -- Cessna O-1E (L-19) "BirdDog" aircraft v2.0
              A highly realistic BirdDog panel which comes
              from a photo of the real panel, With a pedestal and outside
              view windows. All the instruments are operative, with
              joystick movement. This panel is intended for use with the
              aircraft files : or/and

 Filename   : F9CMDZ83.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,167,085
 Replaces   : F9CMDZ83.*
 Description: F2000-2002 Aircraft: McDonnell-Douglas MD-83 Continental
              Airlines. Original Aircraft designed by Project Cormoran.
              Repainted with kind permission by Rob Corp.

 Filename   : FB1M3391.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  3,683,148
 Replaces   : FB1M3391.*
 Description: FS2002 PRO - Aermacchi MB339A PAN V2k2-1.0
              Mil It Aerobatics Team by Paolo Zamparo
              Full package inculde:
              Aircraft     : Max Taccoli
              Panel-Air    : Paolo Zamparo
              Sounds       : Aaron Swindle & Paolo Zamparo
              Gauges       : by many authors and myself
              Revised and assembled by Paolo Zamparo
              Recommanded sounds

 Filename   : FDBK9410.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,170,153
 Replaces   : FDBK9410.*
 Description: FS2002 Tachikawa Ki-94-II high altitude interceptor, ver.
              Designed late in the war specifically to
              intercept B-29s, the
              Ki-94-II never flew.  In fact, Japan
              surrendered on the very day
              it was scheduled for its maiden flight. 
              Model features full
              animation, two sets of textures, simple VC,
              and panel.  Freeware.
              Model by Jerry Lindell, flight model by
              David C. Copley, textures
              by Anthony Sullenger.

 Filename   : FE7DBGZP.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:    951,035
 Replaces   : FE7DBGZP.*
 Description: B737-200C Lufthansa Cargo for FS2000 and FS2002.
              Features full 3D moving surfaces, Flight and
              Ground Spoilers, Rolling Wheels, Steerable nose gear with
              landing light, Photo-real High Resolution day and night
              textures (not scanned photos), Landing Light beams,
              Un-Synchronised Strobe lighting, Transparen

 Filename   : FEBKZV21.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:    531,116
 Replaces   : FEBKZV21.*
 Description: FS2002 aircraft - KZ-IV "Zonen" v2.1 
              by Ole Egholm.
              Build in Gmax. Features: Fully animated
              all control surfaces, flaps, and door,
              authentic textures, Panel, Virtual panel with
              working gauges, lights, and spinning props.
              The plane uses default FS2002 sounds and

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_AIRPO       : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F17TK242.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  3,234,258
 Replaces   : F17TK242.*
 Description: ITALY 2k for k2
              ITALY 2000 (LAGO) scenery files for use with
              FS 2002
              Install PACK #1
              Angelo Moneta 2002 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
              This is the first conversion package needed
              to use Italy2000 (LAGO) with Fs2002(MS).
              Italy 2k4k2 is not only a patch file, but a
              lot of new details are included too.
              You will find some of the new FS2002
              features and better frame rates.
              This 1st package includes the Milano Linate
              Airport (LIML) only,
              more airport will be found in the next ones.
              This package is a freeware release, but you
              need some of the files included
              in the original Italy 2000 CD to run
              properly this scenery.
              The new files are for the airports and they
              are NOT including any patch
              for Traffic and Active Scenery (LAGO).
              Please read carefully install
              instructions,this will allow you to run properly
              this scenery and set up the system for the
              upcoming packages.
              Minimum Software requirements
              MS - FlightSimulator 2002 (Pro / Standard)
              LAGO - Italy 2000
              Recommended Software
              LAGO FS Scenery Enhancer

 Filename   : F2ALZP81.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  3,946,776
 Replaces   : F2ALZP81.*
 Description: FS2002 Louisville Scenery version 8.1.           
              This Louisville, Ky scenery is very
              similar to LOU7 but uses photorealistic
              textures and updated models for many of
              the buildings. Includes a detailed city
              with custom buildings, and the SDF, Bowman
              and JVY airports. Only compatible with
              Designed by: Jim Jones

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_GRAPH       : FS: Flight Simulation Graphic Files
 Filename   : F76BZ300.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:    653,520
 Replaces   : F76BZ300.*
 Description: FS2002 Iberia A300. Moving parts include fan blades, thrust
              reversers, gear and gear doors, spoilers, ailerons and
              rudders. The airplane was designed by Robert Versluys. The
              textures were repainted by Juan Manuel Martin.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_SCENE       : FS: Scenery
 Filename   : F98TPR01.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  4,907,560
 Replaces   : F98TPR01.*
 Description: Italy North Terrain Mesh Scenery for Fs2002
              30arc/second data to 3,75. Made from
              Dted level0 greyscale image, with
              MicroDEM, Paint-Shop, FsTerrain by
              Martin Wright and Microsoft Terrain SDK.
              By L.C.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_SOUND       : FS: Sound
 Filename   : F87FSB21.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,578,016
 Replaces   : F87FSB21.*
 Description: FSBoarding, version 2.1
              Zip includes:
              Copyright © 2001-2002, Rickard Nord
              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
              Visit FS Boarding at
              These files are for free use and enjoyment
              of all flight sim fans and can be distributed free of
              charge provided all files are present in their original
              form and no money is made with it.
              Gndbrief.wma, Pretaxbr.wma and Ding.wma come
              from Generic Flight Crew Briefings by Jorge Moreyra.
              Pushback sounds for FPDA Pushback by Mika
              FSUIPC for VB, Copyright © 2000 Chris Brett.
              FSUIPC.dll by Pete Dowson
              FSUIPC 1.998e or later is required for use
              together with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 or later, Fly!
              or other flight simulator that FSUIPC supports.

 Filename   : FD3GYDFZ.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,519,720
 Replaces   : FD3GYDFZ.*
 Description:  Fs2002  Classic Goodyear Blimp, The Defender.  Experience
              the fun  in commanding the luxurious art deco flagship of
              the Goodyear fleet in the golden age of blimps!! The
              178,000 cu.ft Defender passenger airship was built in 1929
              and for 5 years ruled as q

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 Fidonet Backbone
 FS_TOOL        : Fidonet Backbone File Echos
 Filename   : F19JFL52.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  2,284,973
 Replaces   : F19JFL52.*
 Description: FS2002 Junkers Ju-52 Floatplane
              Includes 2 FSDS models: Luftwaffe or
              2 accurate paint schemes (skins); adapted
              and config.air files; panel & gauges; dp
              file, virtual cockpit.
              by Pierino Primavesi.
              Version Jan. 2002

 Filename   : FB2F2002.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  3,065,292
 Replaces   : FB2F2002.*
 Description: Fs Sky World 2002 is a Environment Generator utility can
              select situation, install clouds pack with preview
              screenshots, available in random and special auto random
              feature to have unlimited clouds pack in Microsoft Flight
              Simulator 2002. Works with Fs200

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_CONS         : GamesNet: GameConsole infos, tips & hints
 Filename   : C0ASPR21.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:     10,185
 Replaces   : C0ASPR21.*
 Description: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE - V2.1 GameCube -
              Trophy Guide

 Filename   : C16DRG02.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:     11,835
 Replaces   : C16DRG02.*
 Description: DRAGON QUEST VI - V0.2 Super Nintendo -
              Translation Guide

 Filename   : C19FNL10.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:      4,622
 Replaces   : C19FNL10.*
 Description: FINAL FANTASY III - V1.0 Super Nintendo -
              Esper Guide

 Filename   : C33TKN15.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:     15,488
 Replaces   : C33TKN15.*
 Description: TEKKEN 4 - V1.5 Arcade - Lee

 Filename   : C79TMC16.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:      9,161
 Replaces   : C79TMC16.*
 Description: TIME CRISIS 2 - V1.6 PlayStation2 -
              Crisis Missions Guide

 Filename   : C8FGRN14.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:      8,264
 Replaces   : C8FGRN14.*
 Description: GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC - V1.4 PlayStation2
              - Endurance Races Guide

 Filename   : C9FMNS32.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:     30,469
 Replaces   : C9FMNS32.*
 Description: MONSTER RANCHER 3 - V3.2 PlayStation2 -
              CD/DVD List

 Filename   : CA8GRN12.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:      7,033
 Replaces   : CA8GRN12.*
 Description: GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC - V1.2 PlayStation2
              - Laguna Seca Guide

 Filename   : CFBLNS19.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:     57,543
 Replaces   : CFBLNS19.*
 Description: ALIENS VS. PREDATOR 2 - V1.9 DOS/Windows
              - Fighting Guide

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_DENK         : GamesNet: Mind games
 Filename   : 907D3209.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:  1,651,559
 Replaces   : 907D3209.*
 Description: 3D BLOOBS 2.09 - ShareWare Shoot
              different colored pieces out of a cannon
              at the screen. You have to get three or
              more of the same pieces together to get
              them to vanish but be quick The pieces
              advance toward the bottom of the screen
              once they reach the bottom you lose. The
              game seems easy but really isn t. The
              graphics are good and the sounds are
              decent. All in all a fun and challenging
              puzzle game.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 G_PDA          : GamesNet: PDA PalmPilot related games
 Filename   : 36AKN102.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:      4,734
 Replaces   : 36AKN102.*
 Description: KNIGHT 1.02 - FreeWare This is a logic game with simple
              rules. You must fill all the cells on the board it s not as
              easy as it sounds.

 Filename   : 374HNG10.ZIP             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:    112,891
 Replaces   : 374HNG10.*
 Description: HANG TOUGH HANGMAN 1.0 - ShareWare This hangman game employs
              over 100 frames of vivid full-color animation and over 2
              000 words organized by topic as well as suspense building
              sounds. Note: Color and grayscale devices are supported.

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 Fidonet Backbone
 NODEDIFF       : FidoNet: Weekly NodeList Updates
 Filename   : NODEDIFF.Z39             Filedate: 02/08/02  Filesize:     11,018
 Description: Fidonet Nodelist Difference file a039

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