MakFax (Macedonia)
February 6, 2008

Poll: Over 90% for all Albanians in one state

Tirana/Skopje - A wast majority of Albanians from the
Balkans want to live in one country.
This is the result of the telephone voting in the TV
program entitled Cooperation of Albanians, which was
aired on the Albanian TV Station Vision Plus on
Tuesday night. Over 90 percent of the viewers from
Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and south
Serbia voted for uniting of the Albanians in, "one,
natural Albanian state." Only 5 percent voted against.
The ex-Albanian Foreign Minister Paskal Milo and the
analysts Koco Danaj and Sokol Dervisaj voiced their
positions on this issue in the TV program.
According to them, it was natural to expect gradual
uniting of the Albanians.
The declaration of Kosovo's independence is also
described as a natural moment of creation of a new
state of Albanians in the region.

                                   Serbian News Network - SNN



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