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If internet speculation is to be believed, Hillary Clinton is suffering
from everything from epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease to adverse reactions
to chemotherapy and Zika-West Nile-SARS-swine flu. The problem is that,
like bellybuttons, everyone’s got a theory; and, again like bellybuttons,
most theories are useless. Whatever the case may be with Hillary’s health,
the fact is that she remains the likely winner of the presidential
election, which means that a potentially sick woman will become the

So that raises an obvious question: what next? Put another way, the
American people deserve to know who the hell Tim Kaine is, and what he
would do as president. Because, after the initial “Tim who?” round of
questions, citizens will want to understand who this underwhelming
ex-Governor and Democratic Party hack is, and what sort of policies he’d

So boys and girls, break out the crystal balls and glimpse a future with
President Kaine. It may seem like some Quaalude-induced waking nightmare to
envision this scenario – Clinton and Trump presidencies are, of course,
already the ultimate bad acid trips – but this bitter reality must at least
be considered, if not prepared for.

*President Kaine: Chronicle of Many Deaths Foretold*

Despite the Madison Avenue fustian about Hillary’s running mate being a
“capable” and “adequate” future vice president – anyone who has ever been
called “adequate” knows the implication of that back-handed insult – Kaine
is, in fact, a typical Democratic Party apparatchik: self-serving, corrupt,
and a liberal imperialist with all the humanitarian trimmings. And the
question before millions of Americans is whether or not the country, and
indeed the world, can survive another imperial presidency fronted by
leaders for whom mass killing is a matter of focus groups and electoral
demographic research.

History has shown the danger of mush-headed vice presidents serving under
ailing presidents. When Franklin Roosevelt died and the racist mass
murderer Harry Truman inherited the presidency, the door was permanently
shut to peaceful cooperation with the Soviet Union and the expansion of New
Deal-era economic rights, to say nothing of the death sentence for millions
of innocent Japanese annihilated by atomic bombs solely to send a message
to Moscow. In other words, Roosevelt’s death put in power a man who had no
business running a dirt farm, let alone the most powerful country in the
world. Similarly, Americans must consider just what President Kaine would

On the question of foreign policy – a focal point for Kaine who has served
on the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees – Kaine
aligns perfectly with the war hawk Clinton and her neoconservative
imperialist brethren. In Syria, Kaine has advocated
for No Fly Zones and “safe zones” (as if there’s a difference) which would
signify a de facto declaration of war by the US in Syria. He has cheered
for regime change against the Assad government, and pressed for a full
declaration of war against the Islamic State. One shudders to think of the
staggering level of pompous ignorance required to advocate for what would
amount to the rekindling of Bush’s disastrous and criminal open-ended “War
on Terror.”

In what amounts to a running theme with the Clinton-Kaine campaign, the
Democratic ticket has essentially embraced every single foreign policy
position of the neocon movement. As I noted previously
<>, this Clinton-Kaine
administration would be the imperial frankenstein, Obama’s head on Bush’s
body. No HopeTM. No ChangeTM. But more and bigger wars.

Of course, Kaine doesn’t limit himself to warmongering on Syria alone. In
Ukraine, Kaine has come out as a vocal supporter of the Kiev Government and
the fascist death squads and paramilitaries under its control. He was
rather hawkish on the issue in 2014 when the Senate approved a massive aid
package to Ukraine
He was also rather blunt in his condemnation of Russia
an aggressor in Ukraine, despite a massive outpouring of support for Russia
and anti-Kiev activism that took place in Eastern Ukraine after the coup in
February 2014. He also made no mention of how he would react if he were
president and half his navy were under threat from a hostile putsch
government backed by a superpower.

But the critical, and very worrying, fact is that a President Kaine would
have to deal with a Kremlin that may forgive but certainly never forgets.
And, considering the danger of the moment, with a potential world war
looming on the horizon, the danger of escalating a crisis due to pig-headed
political point scoring is very real. Never underestimate the power of a
Clintonista to make a bad situation disastrous.

But perhaps nothing illustrates Kaine’s neocolonial mentality in all its
blood-soaked glory better than his position, or lack thereof, on Honduras.
Considering the fact that he spent an extended period of time as a Jesuit
missionary in Honduras in the midst of US-sponsored death squad wars in
Central America, and has never bothered to comment about it, is certainly
suspicious. Moreover, he now is the wing-man for the woman directly
responsible for the bloodshed and political repression
<> now a daily
norm in Honduras after the Clinton-managed coup in 2009 removed the
Chavista former president Manuel Zelaya. As President, Kaine would need to
account for his actions in Honduras, and apologize on behalf of himself,
his colleagues, and the rest of the Democratic Party for backing a right
wing dictatorship committing war crimes every single day. I won’t be
holding my breath for that.

*Crooked Clinton, Krooked Kaine*

Aside from the apocalyptic vision of a foreign policy that speaks like an
asshole and carries a big stick of dynamite, Americans should also consider
the fact that Kaine has a long track record of Washington corruption: yet
another subject of comradeship with Saint Hillary that likely makes for
fascinating dinner conversation.

Kaine and Clinton might laugh over dinner and drinks when discussing the
fact that, as Governor, Kaine accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in
high-powered lobbyists. You can almost see Hillary, shrimp cocktail
dangling from her mouth, as she cackles at the paltry sum that Kaine could
be bought for. “Timmy my boy,” she might say, “It’s time for you to step up
to the big leagues…maybe you should consider giving some Wall Street pep
talks…or starting a foundation.”

And the retort would undoubtedly please the Goldman-Sachs girl as Timmy
Two-Face would remind Hillary that he’s a banker’s boy through and through.
He might recall how, as noted by The Intercept
in 2016 he:

“Signed onto two letters, one to federal banking regulators and the other
to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, urging them to loosen
regulations on certain financial players…In the letters, Kaine is offering
to support community banks, credit unions, and even large regional banks.
While separate from the Wall Street mega-banks like JPMorgan Chase and Bank
of America, these financial institutions often partner with the larger
industry to fight regulations and can be hostile to government efforts to
safeguard the public, especially if it crimps their profits. They also
represent a key source of donor funds, one that has trended away from

And just in case any liberal navel-gazers care to pretend that Kaine was
simply defending the “little guy” banks, consider the fact that the second
of the two letters
aimed at helping, “major firms including Capital One, PNC Bank and U.S.
Bank, all of which control hundreds of billions of dollars in assets,” as
noted by Huffington Post
 and Common Dreams
In other words, Kaine swore his oath of fealty to Wall Street and its
junior partners in order to show his allegiance to Hillary and Bill, the
svengalis of finance capital’s political vaudeville act.

Many Americans undoubtedly feel that Clinton’s health issues might just
mean that the country could dodge a bullet for the next four or eight
years. And while that sentiment is understandable given her track record of
coming, seeing, and murdering, it is a false hope – a mirage distorting the
vision of anti-war, anti-Wall Street crusaders.

Because, right behind Hillary is Tim Kaine, the man whose politics and
ethics were made in Her image.
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*Eric Draitser is the founder of
<> and host of CounterPunch Radio
<>. He
is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City. You can
reach him at <>.*

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