Suppose the RNC, and Trump's campaign team, hired a former spook (or Secret
Service agent) to contrive a dirty "dossier" on Hillary Clinton---a rehash
of stuff on Whitewater, "bimbo eruptions," Travelgate, Benghazi, Pizzagate,
"the Clinton death list," etc.---and that the FBI then used it to get a
FISA warrant to spy on Huma Abedin, because of her apparent links to
Saudi-backed Islamist terrorism: a warrant that the FBI secured by
carefully neglecting to inform the court that that disgusting "dossier" was
a stroke of campaign propaganda, conceived by Roger Stone, and paid for by
the Republicans.

And then suppose that that whole sordid plot was detailed in a memo drafted
by the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking (Democratic) member of the House
Intelligence Committee; and that the Democrats on the committee noisily
released the memo, calling for a full investigation of its evidence that
the FBI misused the FISA warrant process to sink HILLARY'S campaign.

And in THAT case, of course, the DEMOCRATS would all be saying what the
REPUBLICANS are saying now, and THEY'D be absolutely right; while the
REPUBLICANS would be the ones insisting that that memo is (somehow) at once
a "nothingburger" and an existential threat to the Republic---and THEY'D be
absolutely WRONG.

All partisans are moral imbeciles.

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