I had been privy to this clip earlier when there were internal discussions
about it within Cornell. Perhaps I should have chimed in then, when the
group was smaller and the chance at sounding foolish lessened, but I'll go
ahead a stick my neck out now, ready to be guillotined by the rest of the


This doesn't quite sound right for White-eyed Vireo to me. I listened to it
a bunch of times and was never convinced that it wasn't the tail segment of
an Ovenbird flight song. The beginning seems to wavering and not explosive
enough and the end of the song does not have the abrupt chip that White-eyed
almost always has. It sounds like this song may have been picked up in the
middle-Steve do you have a longer cut including the 5 seconds before this
clip? I'll admit to some amount of bias that I think White-eyed Vireo is an
unlikely migrant to hear singing in flight AND even less likely to be
recorded in Ithaca, versus somewhere in their regular breeding range. But
part of why this NFC stuff is so interesting is that it can challenge our
ground-based assumptions.


Any thoughts on the possibility of the tail end of Ovenbird flight song as
an alternate ID?







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Here's an interesting singer from Steve Kelling's place the other morning,
using his flowerpot microphone setup....
Chris T-H

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> Steve Kelling wrote:
>> Chris,
>> There is what appears like the song of a White-eyed Vireo near the end.
>> This is the old BirdCast system that I am using. I simply am linking 
>> the 3 second clips from Birdcast into a continuous AIF file using Raven.
>> steve

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