Hi folks,


Hope everyone is having a good spring season. I wanted to run the attached
call by this list before making a definitive statement about it .. to me
this sounds like a perfect match for Barn Owl. The reason I hesitate is
two-fold: first, I have no personal experience with this species' NFC, and
second, it is an extremely rare species in my area (southwestern
Pennsylvania). The clip is 30 seconds long and the bird calls at around 3
seconds and at 28 seconds. These are two of four calls in the series. The
two calls not included are much fainter and on either side of the two in the
attached recording, in other words, this seemed pretty clearly to be a bird
on the move and not some local animal near the microphone making a
screeching sound.


The attachment is about 1.3 MB so I hope it goes through, per the Lyris
upgrade that Chris mentioned earlier this year.


Best regards, and good listening.




Geoff Malosh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



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