Hi Dioni,

Thanks for sharing some of your night flight call clips. I’ve never used 
Kaleidocsope so it interesting to see what a spectrogram looks like on the 
program. Some of your calls were not very clear, perhaps because they were 
distant. In any case, you might try adjusting your spectrogram parameters and 
time/frequency axes to see if it brings more clarity. Among the ones I could 
discern, a number appeared to be White-throated Sparrows. I also saw Chipping 
Sparrow, Hermit Thrush, Swainson’s Thrush, Common Yellowthroat, and American 


The best guide to night flight calls is the CD-ROM by Evans and O’Brien, Flight 
Calls of Migratory Birds. I believe it is currently out of print but there’s a 
good chance that it is available in a library. Otherwise, I would recommend the 
website of Paul Driver, http://pjdeye.blogspot.ca/, and scroll down his right 
menu for the flight calls of various species groups.


Hope this helps and best of luck in your listening!



Carleton, Nova Scotia


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Hello everyone, 


This is the first time I write in this list (I just registered). I am from 
Quebec (Laval region). I am very interested in ornighology for 3 years 
specially vocalization and recently, I developed a particular interest for the 
study of their song and call by sonogram. I do a lot of recording during the 
night when I sleep, and the next morning, I analyze my recordings. It's not 
easy even if I have some documentation in relation to the charts of the calls 
of the species.


I was wondering if you had any documentation to offer me. Tips? If someone 
could help me identify or confirm my graphics?


I use Kaleidoscope for the analysis of my recordings. I have 6 SONY tape 
recorders and 1 H4nPro tape recorder.


Here are some of my first graphs if someone wants to help me: 




Dioni Loïc Sauvé



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