Hi Dioni,

A detector will find the flight calls for you. This, and all other matters, are 
explained in the manual available on line at the Raven software site.



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Just to be certain: if I understand correctly, the program Raven Pro manages to 
record the graphics itself?

Dioni Loïc Sauvé

Laval, Québec


2017-10-24 16:51 GMT-04:00 Dioni Loïc Sauvé <dioni.loic.sa...@gmail.com 
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Hello everyone, 


This is the first time I write in this list (I just registered). I am from 
Quebec (Laval region). I am very interested in ornighology for 3 years 
specially vocalization and recently, I developed a particular interest for the 
study of their song and call by sonogram. I do a lot of recording during the 
night when I sleep, and the next morning, I analyze my recordings. It's not 
easy even if I have some documentation in relation to the charts of the calls 
of the species.


I was wondering if you had any documentation to offer me. Tips? If someone 
could help me identify or confirm my graphics?


I use Kaleidoscope for the analysis of my recordings. I have 6 SONY tape 
recorders and 1 H4nPro tape recorder.


Here are some of my first graphs if someone wants to help me: 




Dioni Loïc Sauvé




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