Don’t know about night calls, but calls in general are quite different for 
the Western Coastal “Yellow-billed” vs Gambell’s. There are call note 
differences that are marked in Rufous-collared Sparrow in South America too. 
Not sure what to make of some of this, although if I would have split 
“Yellow-billed” White-crows as a species years ago if someone was crazy enough 
to give me taxonomic control of the universe. 



Alvaro Jaramillo

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Hey, all. This is totally conjectural. And it's based on a small sample size. 
But, hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

So...a bit more than a month ago, I posted a link to a "Gambel's" White-crowned 
Sparrow (subspecies gambelii) flight call I'd uploaded to eBird/Macaulay, and 
one person flat-out questioned the ID. That's cool. Always good to maintain a 
healthy skepticism. However, the bird in question was perched right in front of 
me, in broad daylight.


And now I have another such recording, definitely of a different bird 
(different age), and it's not dissimilar from the first. Both have this little 
squiggle at the end.


And the only Xeno-Canto upload of gambelii flight calls (other than my own 
recordings), by Tayler Brooks, also shows the squiggle.


Again, a pretty small sample. And flight calls are variable. So I'm not wedded 
to this. But I thought I'd put it out there.


Here are my two Macaulay uploads:





And here is the Tayler Brooks recording:



It might well be nothing at all. But, given that Bill Evans has mentioned that 
there's an effort under way to expand the library of flight calls for Flight 
Calls of Migratory Birds (hooray!), I guess I've been thinking a bit more about 
taxa like gambelii that understandably aren't included in the first/Eastern 
edition of Flight Calls.


Ted Floyd

Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado, USA


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