Good morning Vermont NFC listeners!

For those interested, Bill Evans has made available and accessible the Evans 
and O’Brien CD-ROM Flight Calls of Migratory Birds: North American Landbirds 
online for free, here:

Bill Evans has a great resource for detectors, DIY microphone fabrication 
instructions, and NFC microphones for sale at his website here:

Also, archives of Cornell’s NFC-L eList (with some attachments) are available 
at the links below, currently split between two different archives for the 
eList messages going to two different Lyris servers (I’m working on getting 
these consolidated into one): (archives from 
4/24/2009 through 10/5/2017) (archives 
from 10/15/2017 through 8/11/2020)

Hope this is useful, and good night-listening this fall!

Chris T-H

On Aug 17, 2020, at 9:48 AM, Gretchen Nareff 
<<>> wrote:

Good morning! I am excited to get involved in the world of NFCs. I first became 
interested when I participated in the NJ Audubon World Series of Birding in 
2005 and 2006 and saw the experts racking up the songbirds before dawn. I have 
some bootleg CDs that were made from Evans' and O'Brien's CD-ROMs back in the 
early 2000s. I dusted those off this weekend.

Anyway, I don't have equipment specifically for recording NFCs but I do have 10 
AudioMoth <> recorders through work. I saw 
them listed as one option for recording NFCs so I'm going to throw a couple on 
my roof and see what I get. I am completely new to this and would love to 
invest in a mic setup.

Gretchen E. Nareff
Bennington, VT


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