Hey there VT NFC and Cornell NFC-L aficionados!

I’m happy to report that the Cornell NFC-L eList archives are now fully 
accessible online at The Mail Archive, here:


The Cornell NFC eList was migrated to a newer Lyris server back in 2017, which 
allowed for larger email attachments to be received and distributed. But, when 
that happened, The Mail Archive split the eList into two: the original one (for 
nf...@cornell.edu<mailto:nf...@cornell.edu>) and the new one (for 

As a result, all original email list message footer hyperlinks, and any web 
links to the archive, were directing only to the original eList Mail Archive 
and we weren’t seeing any of the newer messages.

After working with The Mail Archive support gurus, they merged both eLists into 
the newer one (nfc-l@mm.list.cornell.edu<mailto:nfc-l@mm.list.cornell.edu>) and 
then they brilliantly created a redirect, so that anyone attempting to access 
the original archive (for nf...@cornell.edu<mailto:nf...@cornell.edu>) would 
get redirected to the new archive, seamlessly!

If you have a public eList or public group mail list that you want to have 
archived and available online for the future, I highly recommend using The Mail 
Archive — it’s free.

Please feel free to search The Mail Archives within the Cornell Night Flight 
Call eList archives, as there may be some good discussions about topics that 
may arise on this VT NFC eList which were also discussed historically on the 
Cornell NFC eList (dating back to April 2009).

Hope this helps!

Chris T-H

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
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8 Etna Lane
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