> I have posted a pre-merge for V2.4-rc6, it contains the patches that have
> far been code review +2, verif +1 as found here:
> https://review.gerrithub.io/#/q/status:open+label:Code-
> Review%253D2+project:
> ffilz/nfs-ganesha+branch:next
> I have posted to my ffilz githib next branch:
> https://github.com/ffilz/nfs-ganesha/commits/next
> The primary intent is for Matt to do a rebase of his C++ changes, but if
> anyone else wants to throw mud at it and see what sticks, we have a day or
> two for additional patches before we have to close down 2.4.0.
> NOTE: This branch is subject to rebasing or other git history mangling
> that's why I'm NOT pushing it to nfs-ganesha/next...

I have added Patrice's two patches to the above.

Marc, would you please test FSAL_GPFS pNFS against this branch.



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