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NOTE: This merge includes an ntirpc pullup, please update your submodule.

Release Highlights

* Several FSAL_GLUSTER fixes

* Handle ntohl of exportid in file handle differently so FSAL_PROXY

* ntirpc pullup - Coverity fixes and other

* Fix attribute pass back in FSAL_PROXY

* Fix gid regression in FSAL_RGW

Signed-off-by: Frank S. Filz <>


7b76e77 Frank S. Filz V2.4-rc6
fa90477 Matt Benjamin rgw: fix gid regression in fsal_rgw_setattr2
c5eade6 Patrice LUCAS Fix file handle bytes switching in xdr_nfs_fh4
3bede69 Patrice LUCAS FIX attributes pass back in pxy_lookup_path
68f76bf Matt Benjamin ntirpc pullup
bdcd2d7 Jiffin Tony Thottan FSAL_GLUSTER : Avoid double free for
ef109a2 Daniel Gryniewicz FSAL_RGW - Add back a close() op
fffcfbf Soumya Koduri FSAL_GLUSTER: Use chk_verifier_stat to verifier
comparision in open2()
b5019ad Soumya Koduri FSAL_GLUSTER: Clear ATTR_RDATTR_ERR mask bit in case
of successful read
89ca7f7 Soumya Koduri FSAL_GLUSTER: avoid fetching attributes in setattr2
cbeaa47 Soumya Koduri FSAL_GLUSTER: Avoid redundant fsync operation

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