On 08/07/2017 11:24 PM, Pradeep wrote:
It appears that the commit 440a048887c99e17e2a582e8fb242d5c0a042a79
has reversed two mdcache config parameters and as a result the default
value of dir.avl_chunk became 1 from 128. Is this intentional? Ideally
the "Dir_Chunk" should map to dir.avl_chunk and "Detached_Mult" should
map to dir.avl_detached_mult, isn't it?

         CONF_ITEM_UI32("Dir_Chunk", 0, UINT32_MAX, 128,
                        mdcache_parameter, dir.avl_detached_mult),
         CONF_ITEM_UI32("Detached_Mult", 1, UINT32_MAX, 1,
                        mdcache_parameter, dir.avl_chunk),

This looks wrong. Good catch. This is also broken on 2.5, so the fix will need to be backported. Do you want to submit a patch, or should I?


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