Here's my proposed backports for 2.5.2:

commit 7f2d461277521301a417ca368d3c7656edbfc903
    FSAL_GLUSTER: Reset caller_garray to NULL upon free

commit 114c38ce9fcf20878ffce3b454e106089a34ab5d
    Decrement FD count in fsal_close even if obj_ops.close() fails

commit 7f7c92363ba5c96e6fe5add81c81e65e90063cb2
    MDCACHE - Fix rename/getattrs deadlock

commit ef48ab5bc4e3f1a0fd6879433d774975622e8383
    Dbus config: Allow only root users

commit 2b88bcd16aaa653874079dc7401a49bb61421401
    nfs_init_complete() is called too soon!

commit 4aec4811f1c83578df8ecaacf4c8adda58cc3393
    Fix deadlock in lru_reap_impl and simplify reapers

commit d2b701662db9468c967ed6ecfd274625b1902a6c
    Add new Reaper_Work_Per_Lane option


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