On 8/11/17 8:26 AM, William Allen Simpson wrote:
On 8/11/17 2:29 AM, Malahal Naineni wrote:
Following confirms that Thread1 (TCP) is trying to use the same "rec" as 
Thread42 (UDP), it is easy to reproduce on the customer system!

There are 2 duplicated fd indexed trees, not well coordinated.  My 2015
code to fix this went in Feb/Mar timeframe for Ganesha v2.5/ntirpc 1.5.

That trace is the NSM clnt_dg clnt_call, the only use of outgoing UDP.
It's a mess, and has been a mess for a long time.

There is still an analogous problem (Dominique reported) where UDP
uses poll() on an fd at the same time that TCP uses epoll() on the
same fd.

That's why I was asking whether your IBM systems support TCP for NSM?

It would be a much easier back-portable fix to Ganesha to require TCP.
The code passes "tcp" parameter, but for some as yet unknown reason
tries UDP, too.

Again, does IBM support TCP for NSM?

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