Hey Guys,

I ran few performance tests to compare nfs gansha and nfs kernel server and 
noticed significant difference.

Please find my test result:

SSD formated with EXT3 exported using nfs ganesha  : ~18K IOPS    Avg latency: 
~8ms       Throughput: ~60MBPS

same directory exported using nfs kernel server:             ~75K IOPS    Avg 
latency: ~0.8ms    Throughput: ~300MBPS

nfs kernel and nfs ganesha both of them are configured with 128 worker threads. 
nfs ganesha is configured with VFS FSAL.

Am I missing something major in nfs ganesha config or this is expected behavior.

Appreciate any inputs as how the performance can be improved for nfs ganesha.

Please find following ganesha config file that I am using:

        Nb_Worker = 128 ;

    # Export Id (mandatory, each EXPORT must have a unique Export_Id)
   Export_Id = 77;
   # Exported path (mandatory)
   Path = /host/test;
   Protocols = 3;
   # Pseudo Path (required for NFS v4)
   Pseudo = /host/test;
   # Required for access (default is None)
   # Could use CLIENT blocks instead
   Access_Type = RW;
   # Exporting FSAL
   FSAL {
        Name = VFS;
        Clients = *;
        Squash = None;
        Access_Type = RW;

Thanks & Regards,

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