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From: Deepak Jagtap [mailto:deepak.jag...@maxta.com] 
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2018 4:01 PM
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Subject: [Nfs-ganesha-devel] nfs ganesha vs nfs kernel performance


Hey Guys,


I ran few performance tests to compare nfs gansha and nfs kernel server and
noticed significant difference.


Please find my test result:


SSD formated with EXT3 exported using nfs ganesha  : ~18K IOPS    Avg
latency: ~8ms       Throughput: ~60MBPS

same directory exported using nfs kernel server:             ~75K IOPS
Avg latency: ~0.8ms    Throughput: ~300MBPS


nfs kernel and nfs ganesha both of them are configured with 128 worker
threads. nfs ganesha is configured with VFS FSAL.


Am I missing something major in nfs ganesha config or this is expected

Appreciate any inputs as how the performance can be improved for nfs



Please find following ganesha config file that I am using:




        Nb_Worker = 128 ;





    # Export Id (mandatory, each EXPORT must have a unique Export_Id)

   Export_Id = 77;

   # Exported path (mandatory)

   Path = /host/test;

   Protocols = 3;

   # Pseudo Path (required for NFS v4)

   Pseudo = /host/test;

   # Required for access (default is None)

   # Could use CLIENT blocks instead

   Access_Type = RW;

   # Exporting FSAL

   FSAL {

        Name = VFS;




        Clients = *;

        Squash = None;

        Access_Type = RW;






Thanks & Regards,


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