Hi, the log come from nginx error log. I simply start the Transmission
remote GUI and I get only this in error log:
2016/09/21 10:32:13 [error] 3909#0: *327 broken header: "> :
    X,u \kc  ;   J=ޛXfoVr_<    0 , ( $  
         k j i h 9 8 7 6         2 . * &     = 5   / + ' #            g @ ? 
> 3 2 1 0         E D C B 1 - ) %     < /   A            
     " while reading PROXY protocol,
client:, server:

As you can see there's no url in log but I guess it asks first for:
POST https://adrhc.go.ro/transmission/rpc with Authorization and
X-Transmission-Session-Id headers.
I tried that and I get:
{"arguments":{},"result":"no method name"}
so seems to work.
After this request I guess it asks for e.g.:
HTTP/1.1", host: "tracker.publichd.eu"
and may be this is where it fails.

About the "simple reproducible test case" the patch from my previous post
where you helped me https://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,269623 only affect
Location header in redirects (while the port is exactly 443) so I'm sure it
has no impact; if by any means would have an impact that would be a 404 http
code because the redirect would go to the http:80 alternative of my web site
and there I have no /transmission location; or the redirect would go to
http:443 with no ssl so again 404.

On the other hand in order to know where to place the request stunnel is
doing it's stuff based on sni - though I doubt it's breaking something.

By the way, wile still transmission fails, with the same setup the web
client https://adrhc.go.ro/transmission/ works fine. So maybe transmission
is behaving/requesting somehow different comparing to a browser - I opened a
token on transmission's site too.

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