On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 04:05:22AM -0400, adrhc wrote:
> Hi, the log come from nginx error log. I simply start the Transmission
> remote GUI and I get only this in error log:

This looks to me that the thing that is writing to nginx, is not writing
what nginx expects to read.

What is the thing writing to nginx? (stunnel, I think)

What should it be writing? (plain http after a proxy_protocol line,
I think. How is it configured?)

What version of proxy_protocol is stunnel writing?

For the rest of the requests -- the log files should show, in order, what
requests are made and what responses are received. If there's a break,
it is probably just before the first request that is not in the logs.

> By the way, wile still transmission fails, with the same setup the web
> client https://adrhc.go.ro/transmission/ works fine. So maybe transmission
> is behaving/requesting somehow different comparing to a browser - I opened a
> token on transmission's site too.

Is "transmission" something other than a https client?

If it is trying to speak something other than http wrapped in tls,
it is unlikely that nginx will be able to process the requests.

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