So either Django is not a compliant WSGI app or uWSGI is unable to mount a standard WSGI application to the root location in nginx without using magic rewrites?


Le 2017-08-06 à 06:28, Roberto De Ioris a écrit :

This is what any compliant WSGI server (included uWSGI) expects:

nginx is not able to correctly split PATH_INFO accordingly to SCRIPT_NAME
(and technically it should not do it as uwsgi is a transport only protocol
and the server could make any kind of assumptions about variables).

For this reason you need to instruct uWSGI to rewrite PATH_INFO
accordingly (like shown in the previous posts). There can be no magic in
uWSGI to rewrite it as it would mean infering what the user want to do.

The solution is using uWSGI to rewrite it (it has at least 3 ways)

Etienne Robillard

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