You just have to love open source :-)
A quick src code study brought up the solution. For anybody else facing a 
similar problem, simply extend from AuditEventListener and override 

            public override void 
OnPostDelete(NHibernate.Event.PostDeleteEvent evt)
                    //check if object has a a property State
                    var mod = evt.Entity as IHasState;
                    if (mod != null)
                        var index = 
Array.IndexOf(evt.Persister.PropertyNames, "State");
                        if (index != -1)
                            evt.DeletedState[index] = State.Deleted;


Register your extended auditlistener at envers and you are done.

Am Montag, 19. September 2016 17:50:56 UTC+2 schrieb PeSo:
> Hello,
> anybody every needed to intercept and change a deleted entry? I know there 
> is a config entry called nhibernate.envers.store_data_at_delete.
> The problem is that we must be able to search by deleted entries in our 
> history and all queries check against our own Status column (ie not against 
> revtype).
> So in addition to storing data at delete I must also change this status 
> column to deleted.
> What would be the best extension point in Envers for this behavior? Can I 
> intercept the audit object before it gets written to the database?
> best regards,
> Peter

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