Yup happens to me on my 83 650 every year when it comes out of winter 
storage. The float needles are stuck so as suggested drain the bowels and 
tap the carbs, then without starting the bike you can put a very small tube 
(got mine at a hardware store) on the fuel valve vacuum opening, open the 
valve and suck on the tube.  This will let the carbs fill and you'll know 
if you need to do the drain and tap again.  Usually twice does the trick 
for me.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 7:04:09 PM UTC-4, belle...@gmail.com 
>  Hello everyone,
>                       Is has been some time since I have been on this blog 
> , I have a 1983 CB650SC that I fully restored and I have not road it in 
> about two months, well I just fired it about an hour ago and three of my 
> four carbs are leaking fuel. I am thinking something to do with my fuel 
> overflow or my bowls are stuck, she runs great ! the fuel stop leaking when 
> I turn it off. I live in San Diego and I never go that long without getting 
> on my bike but this summer it has been 90 + almost every day so I have 
> driving my truck with the AC on ! but now it starting to cool off and I am 
> dying to get back on my bike. Does anyone have any thoughts about whats 
> going on ?
> Paul 

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