Paul, what you describe happens to my 2003 Nighthawk 750 if I let it sit 
for more than a week without starting it.  It even happens to me after 
having my carbs cleaned, rebuilt, and synchronized.  I do two things to 
combat this:

1. Whenever possible, I use ethanol-free fuel.  I use my Nighthawk 750 for 
long trips, so sometimes this means looking online and planning my fuel 
stops at stations that sell ethanol-free gasoline.

2. Don't let it sit for more than a week without starting it.  Even if 
you're only starting it for five minutes, you're putting fresh fuel in the 
bowls to help prevent the floats from sticking.

Here is what I recommend to fix the problem:

If knocking on the carbs with a screwdriver handle doesn't knock the floats 
loose, you have two options:

1. Ride it anyway, with the gas dripping from the carbs.  Put fresh fuel in 
the tank, ride it for 10 miles or so, and then shut it off.  The next 
morning, everything might be just fine.

2. Strap the bike down on a trailer and take the bike for a ride around 
town on the trailer.  The vibrations of the bouncing trailer will knock the 
stuck floats loose.

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