Hi Javier, I just stumbled into this Google group while looking at stuff 
for the original Nighthawk - 82 CB650SC I am restoring, and saw your trip. 
 At 65 years old I now live just outside Yosemite in a town called 
Oakhurst, CA., but was born & raised in LA near Pasadena in W. Covina. Your 
description & pics was great and brought back memories of my Fresno/ LA / 
Washinton DC/Niagra Falls Canada/ across the Mackinaw Bridge/ 250 miles of 
woods in "upper" MI  & back to Oakhurst CA trip. 7800 miles in 29 days on a 
Honda ST1100 in 2010. Those kind of trips are a real love/ hate test of our 
motorcycle love affair. After 3 days of non-stop chilly rain from Lake 
Superior- Duluth MN to Rapid City SD to Rock Springs WY. I was ready to 
chuck it all and take a bus home :). Moreso after the motel TV weather babe 
predicted snow tomorrow on my way to Salt Lake City. Got an extra day of 
sleep in Rock Springs after that report. LA is just too crowded and Mad Max 
for me to enjoy these days. But Central California from the desert to the 
coast is the best riding in the world. Get some time doing Death Valley, 
the Sierras and Hwy 1 on that beast Concourse. 

Last time I was in Monterey/ Carmel By the Sea I went into the Hogs Breath 
restaurant (was owned & run by Clint Eastwood when he was the mayor there). 
I ran into an Austrian firefighter on vacation who flew to San Francisco, 
rented a big Harley and had done the West. He was most impressed with 
Arches NP in Utah, and was on his way to San Diego. Now Arches is on my 
to-do list.  What a sport.

On Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 10:45:40 PM UTC-7, Javier Garcia wrote:
> Glad you liked them George. I was fun to share the experiences and also 
> helps to sort of keep a journal of all the places visited (after a few days 
> everything starts to blend a bit). I want to write a little something 
> called "things I learned". Hopefully I will find the time once I am settle 
> in.
> Javier.

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