I would agree the whole carbs should and would work from 84-86, yet when 
looking for float valves etc....they list as different part numbers with 
86's being different #s. I fail to recall Honda #s right off on the float 
valves, I do recall the K & L #s being 18-8955 for 84-85 and 18-8953 for 
the 86....just looked now an there's only about a half dozen different part 
#a for float valves from 55cc-through the Goldwings...

great to know on those cable #s as there are no Originals for these bikes 
listed anywhere via dealers computer networks.....I knew there had to be 
some other bikes that used same size lengths for their cables and were just 
given different part #s....

I started to ask over here if anyone knew of any other bikes cables that 
would be interchangeable....
No rush on the signals, just keep them in mind...would love to get some 
back on the front and replace these goofy looking back ones with original 
ones or as close as possible. PO said Tennessee didn't require them by code 
so he took em off and no longer had them.... 

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 10:17:35 AM UTC-5, Daniel Henderson wrote:
> Hello everyone! 
> I'm the proud new owner of an 1984 750 Nighthawk S. I've been searching 
> far and wide for information regarding this particular engine model but all 
> searches regarding engine parts, specifically carb kits, default to either 
> the 84 700SC or 83 750SC model. I'm assuming that's because the 750 
> Nighthawk S was sold sold in the US. 
> I'd like to rebuild the carburetors and also replace or repair anything 
> that needs attention; such as fuel lines, gaskets, orings, etc, etc. So far 
> the only thing I can find out is that the carburetors on my engine are 
> unique to the 84-86 models. Even that information is conflicting at best. 
> Can anyone point me in the right direction to source parts for this model 
> year's engine?  Or at least confirm that in fact my carburetors are 
> different from the 84' 700SC in such that a carb kit for the 700SC will not 
> work on my 750SC.
> Many thanks,
> Dan
> Canmore, Alberta, Canada
> PS. I've attached the only photo I have of the bike at this time. She's in 
> nearly perfect condition with exception of the busted signal lights. :(

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