So I had the same issue with oil leaking out of the clutch slave cylinder 
last year. I rebuilt the clutch slave cylinder and replaced the pushrod 
seal inside of the output gear case. Noticed wear grooves on the pushrod 
likely from it spinning. Everything stopped leaking as badly. Still was a 
leak out of the oil pressure sensor and I replaced that. Now there is 
another leak, below the clutch slave cylinder, and to the rear of the oil 
pressure sensor, and I think it is again coming from the pushrod seal in 
the output gear case. Is the bearing out that keeps the pushrod from 
spinning, and then the spinning pushrod wears out the oil seal? Or is all 
the leaking a sign that the piston rings are gone and so the pressure from 
the cylinder is pushing down past the rings and into the crankcase? I am 
ordering the parts that I think will fix the issue, but I was looking for 
any advice.

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