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> Hi,
> On Fri, 16 Sep 2016 09:13:27 -0700 Wink Saville <w...@saville.com>
> wrote:
>> As a newbie I was playing around and last night I rolled back to an
>> older configuration and realized that the configuration.nix file
>> didn't rollback. I can now realize that configuration.nix has nothing
>> to do with booting or running the system and it only builds the
>> system.
>> But at the moment I have 20 variations of my system in
>> /boot/loader/entries/* but only the "latest"
>> /etc/nixos/configuration.nix. So how are people managing
>> configuration.nix files and keeping them 'synchronized' with /boot/**/
>> in particular /boot/loader/entries/* ?
>> What I've just done is put /etc/nixos into a git repository, but that
>> puts the burden on me to keep it synchronized with the
>> /boot/loader/entries. Hopefully there is a better way.
> /etc/nixos/configuration.nix (and the files included there) is the one
> place that nix can not manage for you. It could save a copy somewhere
> within the activated profile. But it can not modify/move the file
> itself.
> Consider this:
> * You have a working configuration
> * You change configuration.nix
> * You build the new config and switch to it (temporarily with
>   'nixos-rebuilt test')
> * You realize something is not working as expected and roll back to the
>   next older version for the moment.
> Now when nixos moves the configuration for you, you will be back to the
> state before you started the config changes. You have no way of going
> forward again and especially no way of modifying the forward
> configuration and fixing it. Because its not there anymore…

Yes, I understand

> What I am doing[1] is:
> * there is /etc/nixos/nixconfig/ directory which is actually a git
>   checkout.
> * /etc/nixos/configuration.nix basically imports everything from within
>   that nixconfig/<machine>/default.nix
> * the nixconfig also has nixpkgs as submodule in git and uses that as
>   source instead of any channels.
> That way I have full control over which configuration should be
> running. And also about which version of the nixpkgs is used.
> I can run tests on the system-config before pushing the config to
> master and rebuilding my server(s) into a non-working state.
> I have master, staging and story-branches and can test the next
> nixos-release in the tests of my systems before applying it to the
> actual machines.

This sounds like the direction I'd like to go.

> The combination of full system description, full control over the
> package state and full testability is what makes my daily work-life
> very miserable. Because I have this at home but not at work:-/

Work may be terrible, but all is well on the home front :)

> Have fun,
> Arnold
> [1] A bit outdated because my main repo is locally, but
> https://github.com/kampfschlaefer/nixconfig has my systems config.

Thanks I'll be looking at it.
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