Dear Nix'ers,

I've a permanent issue since the upgrade to nixos-16.09 in my local vm
(with kvm-qemu from an SSD partition).  The load of the vm is increasing
over time without any signs in the output of top.  Bash completion when
traversing directories stalls and the whole system becomes unresponsive
after about 5 to 10 minutes with top showing a load > 30.  Even rebooting
fails with several services failing to stop (eg. fail2ban, phpfpm, ).

This has everything to do with NFS: as soon as I disable the NFS mounts,
the system maintains normal operation.  Nginx / phpfpm are using NFS
mounted folders for local development.

These are the filesystem declarations in the nixops expression:

  fileSystems."/data/dev" = {
    device = "d01:/data/dev";
    fsType = "nfs";
    options = [ "defaults" "noatime" "nolock" "noacl" "vers=3" "udp"
"actimeo=1" ];
  fileSystems."/extra/Documents" = {
    device = "d01:/extra/Documents";
    fsType = "nfs";
    options = [ "defaults" "noatime" "nolock" "noacl" "vers=3" "udp"
"actimeo=1" ];

with d01 being declared in extrahosts

      networking.extraHosts = " d01 d01.local";

Has anyone an idea how this could be related to the upgrade to 16.09?  On
16.03 this all worked normally..

Kind regards,

Erik aka 4levels
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