Waze has pothole detection and reporting already and they say they are
working towards reporting the data to local governments.  The problem
is there are a lot of local governments and most don't have anything
like web APIs to automate the reporting.

Maybe a shame app to list the counties by pothole count.

A Cadillac will probably report less potholes than a Camry so it would
for sure need user confirmation and manual reporting in there.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 7:08 PM Jack Coats <j...@coats.org> wrote:
> OK, here is a 'free' idea (I want to use it)... build an app that will
> detect the GPS location of the chugholes you hit as you drive.
> My thought is there should also be a 'chughole button', to report one
> you didn't hit.
> In TN, TDOT and my county (Cheatham) have places to report chugholes
> so they can be fixed.
> If it could take a picture of the hole (or one before or after the
> car) to allow help in reporting as an option and double checking
> would be nice.
> Possibly just recording all this, till you could review it while not
> driving (or on your 'puter) before officially reporting would be good
> too.
> ... Just a thought.  Keep us in mind when you make your windfall and
> support NLUG (beer and pizza are always apprecited) <grin>
> If you decide to do it, I would like to help test it.
> --
> ><> ... Jack

Greg Donald

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