>I used to use a a setup similar to kre’s (but using fetchmail), but
>several years ago I switched careers and found myself with a strong need
>to be able to read (reply, etc) mail on a mobile device. These days,
>that means a phone, tablet, and chromebook in addition to my laptop
>(which is my primary mail-handing device for decades now). I couldn’t
>find a solution that worked well with (n)mh at the time, and so I moved
>into ‘mass market’ world of email. I wonder if anyone here has
>found a good way to mix regularly, primary nmh usage with frequent
>phone/tablet email access?

There is a tool which can sync IMAP mailboxes and MH folders, called
"Mailsync".  It's orphaned (last release in 2004) and has been described
as "horrible".  It uses c-client, but is itself written in C++.  I have
never used it, but in theory it might do what you want.


(This is one of those cases that just screams out for native IMAP support
in nmh.  Sigh.  One day).


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