Ralph wrote:

> I've noticed things like test/fakepop only get built on a
> `make check' because that needs to use them.  OTOH, it would be nice to
> see compilation succeeds along with everything else in the `all' target.

Maybe add a phony target that would build the test programs?
Then either specify it manually, along with all, or add it as a
dependent of all.  I get caught by this, too, so would like to
have a solution.

> I've been building all, thinking all's OK, edit, make, ..., and then a
> check or distcheck shows up problems from earlier edits.  Not sure if my
> rusty automake is up to this and wondered what opinions were anyway.

I'm not sure what that's about.  I almost always use build_nmh, and usually
with its -s (as part of -dsy or -cdsy), so I start from a clean slate.

> docs/historical has a whole tree of old MH source.  Whilst useful, I
> wonder if that can just be tagged and removed so it doesn't clutter `git
> grep', etc., output?

I agree with Lyndon and Ken that it's helpful to have it close by.


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