>> > I don't remember that glitch in the past, but it is so minor that I might
>> > well have not noticed or ignored it.
>> > [...]
>> Oh, I guess that's because `scan -v' does not modify `context', e.g.:
>Right.  Neither does -help.
>Ken, would it be a bad idea to call context_save() in nmh_version_changed()
>if the Version context is replaced?

Hrm.  Part of me says "no, adding that should be fine" ... but, hell,
I'm not sure, we've been bitten by an unsuspecting change like that
before.  I almost think that things like that should be dealt with more
generally, like in an exit handler or something.  I'm leaning toward
"not deal with it now".  Even we people think we should call context_save()
in nmh_version_changed(), I don't think this should be fixed for 1.7.1.



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