ken wrote:
 > >> > I don't remember that glitch in the past, but it is so minor that I 
 > >> > might
 > >> > well have not noticed or ignored it.
 > >> > [...]
 > >>
 > >> Oh, I guess that's because `scan -v' does not modify `context', e.g.:
 > >
 > >Right.  Neither does -help.
 > >
 > >Ken, would it be a bad idea to call context_save() in nmh_version_changed()
 > >if the Version context is replaced?
 > Hrm.  Part of me says "no, adding that should be fine" ... but, hell,
 > I'm not sure, we've been bitten by an unsuspecting change like that
 > before.  I almost think that things like that should be dealt with more
 > generally, like in an exit handler or something.  I'm leaning toward
 > "not deal with it now".  Even we people think we should call context_save()
 > in nmh_version_changed(), I don't think this should be fixed for 1.7.1.
 > Thoughts?

agreed.  doesn't seem like a release blocker to me.


paul fox, (arlington, ma, where it's 37.0 degrees)


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