>Things always get weird as one's installed distribution gets crusty.
>My Fedora Core 27 installation recently started whining about conflicts
>between nmh and vi.  Surprised me.

Is this a "conflict" (as in, you can't have both of the packages
installed at the same time) or a "requirement" (you need to have vi
installed to use nmh)?  You say "conflict", but later on you imply
it's a dependency issue.

FWIW, the spec file we use as a template in nmh only has a BuildRequires
of flex and ncurses-devel, and no requirements for vi.  We don't
necessarily have control over the dependencies used by various
distributions in their nmh packages.

As for the the editor ... we had a discussion about that a while ago,
and the consensus was ${VISUAL} -> ${EDITOR} -> vi.


Does that mean that it should be a dependency of the packaging system?
I'm unclear on that.  I'm not really interested in requiring people to
have EDITOR/VISUAL set, so we have to fall back to SOMETHING, and I think
vi is a reasonable default.



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