Ken Hornstein <> writes:

> My larger point is that, sadly, I've seen a distressing number of times
> when the text/plain version of a multipart/alternative message is not
> useful.  I really wish people who have a shitty text/plain part would
> simply NOT bother and just generate text/html; I don't know why they
> even bother to generate such a lousy text/plain part, but this is the
> world we live in.  I suspect we (nmh users) might be the only users who
> actually look at the text/plain content versus the text/html content.

Sadly true.  I have even seen a text/plain part of an event
announcement that was for the previous event! The mind boggles
as to what kind of software could cause that to happen.

Jón Fairbairn                       


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