Ken wrote:

> I don't know why they
> even bother to generate such a lousy text/plain part, but this is the
> world we live in.

One airline based in America sends empty (just the newline)
text/plain parts in their purchase confirmation messages:

$ mhlist -noheader
  65       multipart/alternative     143K
     1     text/html                 143K
     2     text/plain                   1
$ mhshow -prefer text/plain -form mhl.null -noheader
[ part 1 - text/plain -   1B  ]

This in spite of my reports going back over 5 years.

> I suspect we (nmh users) might be the only users who
> actually look at the text/plain content versus the text/html content.

In case anyone wants to give mhfixmsg -replacetextplain a quick,
nondestructive try on an errant message that does have a text/html
part (12.3KB output not shown here):

$ mhfixmsg -replacetextplain -out - -noverbose | \
  mhshow -prefer text/plain -form mhl.null -noheader -file -
[ part 1 - text/plain -   12.3KB  ]



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