I recognise that this seems to be an old issue, so I guess the short
version of the question is has mime handling in repl (so, for example,
non-UTF8 text being quoted in a reply turns up as UTF8, not as '=91'
etc.) progressed at all since 2012?


Long version:

Non-UTF8 messages appear fine when I 'show' them, but when I 'repl' all
non-UTF8 characters are in '=91'/'=92'/'=96' format.  The main offenders
are Windows-1252 messages.  Any suggestions where I should look for
what's causing this?  I'm using system default mhl.format and mhl.reply,
which respectively have the following 'body' lines:

 body:component="> ",overflowtext="> ",overflowoffset=0

.. is this the same issue as described here?

  [2010] "Fixing decoding of quoted messages in replies"

  [2012] "repl and mime handling"

.. at first I thought that mhfixmsg might help, but things seem to end
up in even more of a mess after (for example) 'mhfixmsg -reformat



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