Hi Conrad,

> > Have you also tried `mhfixmsg -textcharset utf-8'?
> I hadn't, but it doesn't seem to improve my results, with or without
> various combinations of -reformat and -replacetextplain.

One example that doesn't work would give us more chance of helping.

> Is mhfixmsg the most likely tool for this job then: no good solution
> has been produced solely within repl?

repl(1) has -fmtproc, and /usr/share/doc/nmh/contrib/replyfilter is a
Perl script to be used with it.  You might prefer that approach.
Searching for `replyfilter' in the archives turns up various
conversations.  http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/nmh-workers/ 

Cheers, Ralph.


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